As a small business, you may not have a lot of capital to invest in app development. But, as you may have heard, it is absolutely necessary for you to carve out money in your budget for a mobile app. Apps are critical in an extremely competitive market. As a small business, deciding which framework to use can be a difficult decision. You must consider cost, capability, and the development company. To help you on your search, we’re going to highlight one of our favorite frameworks for small business app development: React Native

React Native for Small Business App Development

React Native has quickly gained popularity amongst the Mobile App Development community. This framework helps developers build a cross-platform app written in a single code-base language that is just as good as a native application development. Some of the biggest applications like Facebook, Instagram, Bloomberg, Tesla, Skype, Uber, Walmart and many more are built using React Native.  But, React Native is perfect for small business app development for many reasons, too.


Cross-Platform Versatility + Cost Effectiveness

The biggest reason behind React Native being so successful is that it allows the developers to create native-like apps while writing the code only once. Whenever a platform-specific code is required, it can send instructions via a bridge to the platform .Then those instructions will call the platform-specific functionalities. So, the overall performance of the app regardless of platform (i.e. web, Android or iOS) is very smooth, just like it has been developed natively. Only writing the code once saves the software engineer time, which saves small businesses money.

Promotes Flexibility + Agility

React Native works on the same principles as React.js. But, the main difference between the two is that React Native creates a virtual DOM (Document Object Model) which in turn updates the browser’s actual DOM. The idea behind this feature was that an in-memory cache was created and the changes were made in this virtual DOM. Then this virtual DOM would only update the actual DOM at places where the actual changes took place. This made it look like the whole page was rendered when only those parts were rendered where the actual changes took place. This is very useful while fetching rapidly changing data. This can change at the drop of a hat for a small business. Using React Native for small business app development promotes flexibility.

Better Capabilities Compared To Competitors

There are many other frameworks like “Flutter” by Google and “Ionic” by Drifty Co. which offer cross-platform app development. But these have many glitches and can sometimes get difficult to work with. For example, Flutter works mostly fine with Android OS, but native calls with iOS are difficult and the results are far from that of a native app. In Ionic development, the web mechanisms written through CSS and Javascript are wrapped in a Webview. Thus, the app gets dependent on Webview which itself is very slow. There is no room for errors in small business app development—every penny is pinched. Reliable capabilities is what keeps React Native among small businesses.

Choosing a Company For Small Business App Development

MobileAppDaily recently listed Sunflower Lab as one of the Top React Native Development Companies in 2019. Being a premier custom software and mobile app development company, Sunflower Lab has 75+ people, spread across two continents, with three offices in Ohio, New Jersey, and India. The company believes in bringing a sustainable IT solution by tailoring business needs. Each step of the process is executed with precision and top-notch customer service. With the rightful guidance of Ronak Patel, CEO, Sunflower Lab is becoming more prominent steadily in the way React Native is transforming the mobile world.

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