Even though it is still uncertain whether marijuana and cannabis products shall be legalized in each and every state, market figures
indicate North American marijuana and weed sales grew rapidly by 30% and reached $6.7 billion in 2016, and are projected to top $20.2
billion by 2021 – indicating an annual growth rate of 25%. Canada, for the first time, moves towards legalizing the use of marijuana in
adults. Legal marijuana and cannabis is the fastest growing consumer industry in the United States. As per expectations, if the usage is
legalized in all 50 states, marijuana and cannabis market could grow monumentally and become even larger than the organic food
industry as per a new report on The Huffington Post.
Looking at the lucrative cannabis and weed market in the United States, a company called Weedmenu, out of Los Angeles, is all set to
tap the potential offered by trending technologies to boost sales and get a lion's share of the market. It has pioneered the first complete
cannabis business directory app for the marijuana industry.
The app makes it easy for prospects searching for weed products to connect with vendors and preview the quality as well as get
shopping location details. Weedmenu helps to connect an actual person to an end-user, thus making it very easy for weed businesses to
get consumer bases, and weed buyers to acquire legalized authentic cannabis products.

The app

Weedmenu App – First complete cannabis business directory app for the marijuana industry.

Weedmenu is a user-friendly SaaS directory platform app for the cannabis industry. It offers a platform for everyday people to have
access to all legal cannabis products and services in the market.

The app helps business to assume total control by accessing products, deals, push notification, broadcast and chat management
features directly from the web application.


  • Medical marijuana and recreational cannabis resource app.
  • Search all the latest cannabis and hemp brands and products on the market.
  • Chat with businesses through app for faster response time.
  • Upload images and videos.
  • Browse dispensary menus and deals.
  • Receive notifications of deals in your local area.
  • Review businesses and products.


  • A complete weed business directory
    The end-user centric platform provides a complete business directory listing all products and deals, along with instant messaging and
    push notification features.
  • Geo-location and broadcast notification
    A key feature in Weedmenu, Geo-location based push notification enhances user engagement – Users can send push notifications to
    other nearby users about their new product updates and deals.
  • Instant chat with customers
    The app connects an actual person to an end-user – A key differentiator in the Cannabis industry. The instant messaging features help users to chat with businesses and real prospects.
  • Business dashboard and management
    WeedMenu team desired to put total control in the hands of business owners. Weedmenu app offers a SaaS Platform along with a
    dashboard and many types of reports.


The Weedmenu app is now available on

Please visit the Weedmenu website for more details.