If you have an app then you probably have thought about going for app marketing or app promotion to get the pool of users to download it. You need a lot of hard work and dedication if you want to see your business succeed. Keep in consideration that only quality can keep your app in the store and there are methods you can use to be the favorite.

According to a research report, 63% people like to search app stores to find new apps. You can optimize it with keywords so that it is easily discovered by users. After building a mobile application, business owners think that their application will be next best thing, but that is not the case. You need right approach to get a pool of users on your app, and here are few tips on how you can achieve that.

Your main focus should be customer feedback

Keep in consideration that many apps don’t get immediate visitors at launch so your main focus should be customer feedback. You can come up with a better app by removing features and fixing design issues. These things will help you improve the app and you can scale development as per user needs. It is also seen in most product launches that owners fall in love with their own apps so they forget it is the user who should fall in love with the app and to do that a lot of hard work is needed.

Retention is Important

Growing users on your application are not the only thing you should be worried about. If your app is leaky then all downloads are worth nothing. It is important to retain loyal users and give them a reason to share your app with friends and family. Your app marketing depends on users so find what could trigger good responses. People won’t recommend your app if your product doesn’t have something good to offer.

Internationalize your product

Each language that you can add to your app will increase its value internationally. Your app will have a foreign feel and even if you can’t translate the language, use description wisely. Every time app store pages are translated into other languages there has been the rise in users and downloads. Initially, it may not be easy to make your app international, but keep in mind that it will pay off quickly.

Go for Viral Strategies and Facebook Marketing

We talked about points that could help build the reputation of your app and attract loyal customers. It is time to do app marketing and app promotion with the help of viral strategies. Viral marketing is like word of mouth that grows like a virus. An action of a user that brings another user to your app with the trackable path. There are the number of things that can help you go viral such as Facebook marketing and content marketing. These two approaches are like a rocket trying to go in space with full speed. Using Facebook, twitter, and similar platforms you can attract users who can become loyal users.

Promotion and Description

People who get millions of users on the applications follow proper app marketing. You can’t get millions of downloads in a day, but if you follow the right approach your application will surely get there. Cross promotion is one of the ways that could help, it is when customers of one brand are targeted with related product promotion. You can also promote your application on local and international news channels to get new users quickly. The last but not the least is optimizing description of your landing page with keywords that have potential juice. Using white hat SEO methods, you can make your application known to the world in short time.