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Bringing simple solutions to complex business problems with custom web application service.

Sunflower Lab has been leading the way in web application development in Columbus for the past 15 years. Our clients throughout the Buckeye State and beyond are solving internal issues and yielding higher productivity by using Sunflower Lab software development services. With over 10 years of experience designing custom web applications and robust frameworks, we can turn your workplace woes into workplace wins, together.

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We’ve Got Bad News and Good News

We hate to be the ones to tell you this, but your workflow management needs some work. This is your sign to put your store-bought solution back in its box and get Sunflower Lab on your team to build you a custom application to suit your business’s particular needs. This is a fast and affordable way to keep your employees organized and up-to-date on all internal matters. No more dropped leads, no more download discrepancies with your not-so-tech-savvy workers, and no more missed internal messages.

Why You Need Sunflower Labs In Your Life

Now that we’ve sold you on web apps, why should you trust us for the job? Easy: You’ll love us. We undergo a rigorous program of training our personnel so they are familiar with the latest developments in technology. We possess both the required skill set to develop your application as well as a history of high-quality service. Sunflower Lab has been of service to numerous satisfied clients over the years, including businesses in the retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and real estate industries. We guarantee the end product while delivering constant communication and updates throughout the web app development process.

Here’s how we do it:

Web application development Process

You Dream It, We Discover It

A discovery process is key to a great custom software development process. We take the time to listen to our client’s problems and needs, then turn their dream workflow management system into a reality. 

Make It Beautiful, Make it Usable

Usability is key. We aim to deliver a product even your most computer-illiterate employees can master. Once we’ve done that, we begin beautifying! Sunflower Lab products are ones you can easily use, and be proud to show off. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Did you know you can get a prototype without even writing code? Yup. This is what we do for all of our clients. The prototype can be introduced to your workforce to help gauge which features should stay, and which should be reconsidered.

We Have Lift Off

Ah, the fun part: launching. It’s officially time to reveal the finished product to your employees. But for us, the work is never done. We continuously tweak and refine our client’s web apps so that they are always offered the best product available. 


Sometimes working through a systematic problem in the workplace can be like opening a can of worms: ugly and messy. But, making this decision could be just what your business needs to improve day to day functionality from within. It’s no coincidence that we call ourselves Sunflower Labs: we make products that are beautiful and sturdy. Let us turn your worms into wins!

Get a FREE estimate for your project today.

Our team of experts will review your project and give you a quote at no cost.

Get a quote on your project!