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A.M. Best approached Sunflower Lab to create a new digital experience so their customers around the world could access information easier.

With a focus on providing ratings to companies in the insurance industry, A.M. Best has provided ratings to approximately 3,400 companies in more than 90 countries worldwide. Their Credit Ratings are recognized as a benchmark for assessing a rated organization’s financial strength as well as the credit quality of its obligations.

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New Personalized Experiences

The users of A.M. Best app will now be able to register and get a personalized view of the companies they follow. This seamless experience has made the lives of users easy and has made a significant impact on how customers view the brand.

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Tons Of Information Packed In One Simple Interface

With over 16,000 companies reviewed, it was never simple to search and view credit information regarding an insurer, until now.

Through several UI/UX sessions, we focused on simplicity and increasing the speed to getting the information the customer needs.

Stay connected, stay informed, and take control of
financial decisions like never before with your own
Credit Rating App!

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