Dispatch: Roadside Assistance

Helping Connect Drivers and Service Providers to Keep America Moving


Breaking down on the side of the road is a nightmare. Make the experience a dream with Dispatcher: Roadside Assistance. This app is the next best thing in transportation. With both a Roadside Assistance app and a Dispatch Driver app, this solution connects distressed drivers with service providers in just a few clicks.

Quick Response Time, No Membership Fees

By providing solutions for both customers and drivers, help can quickly be hailed, and services can easily be rendered all in one application.

Customer Dispatch App: Helps drivers find service providers who can fix their vehicle issues
Driver/Owner Dispatch App: Helps service providers find customers in need of roadside assistance

Dispatcher: Roadside Assistance aims to resolve three types of vehicular issues: towing, tire change, missing key. With real-time GPS integration, customers can track their service provider until arrival. Dispatcher response times are always quick, and membership is always free.

A Turnkey Solution for Roadside Assistance

Sunflower Lab was able to provide a complete business solution, develop a “back office” web portal, as well as customer and service provider apps in iOS and Android. This digital platform simplifies the roadside assistance process, and makes the inconvenience of car troubles a whole lot more convenient. 

Putting The App In Gear

We here at Sunflower Lab were honored to be a part of this transportation initiative and are huge supporters in its mission—keep America moving. 

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