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These days, there are mobile app development companies on every block, making standing out from the competition a huge hurdle. Offering exclusive features is a great way to entice new business, but the fundamentals of mobile app development remain largely unchanged. Today, we’re taking you back to the basics of what allows mobile app development companies to withstand the test of time. Read on for 3 features every mobile app development company should offer. And just so we don’t tempt you, we’ll throw in one bonus feature that will really set you apart from your competitors.

Mobile App Features: Push Notifications

Push Notifications are messages that pop up on an app users phone. They can take the form of a sports update, flash sale, or required update. They are an excellent way for mobile app development companies to stay in contact with their users. They also serve as gentle reminders for customers to use the app. But, they can be annoying. Users have the option to opt in or out of push notifications based on personal preference. Though a percentage will choose not to receive push notifications, failing to offer them will result in lost communication with the users.

push notifications

Mobile App Features: Social Media Networking Capabilities

People live more online than in actual reality these days. Thus, offering the ability for users to share their in-app activities will make your mobile app all the more enticing. For recreational apps, allow users to connect with their Facebook friends to compare accomplishments. For photo editing applications, buttons allowing customers to share directly to their platform of choice will make for an incredibly convenient experience. Got a news app? Allow your users to send interesting headlines to their profiles for richer usability and more exposure for your development. Mobile app development companies must offer social media capabilities in order for them to stay relevant in an increasingly digital world. 

mobile app development companies

Mobile App Feature: Performance

This is a biggie. The overall performance of the products of mobile app development companies determines whether or not it’s adopted in the marketplace. There are four main factors when it comes to app performance:  


When you finally launch your mobile app development, the hope is that every smartphone user will download it! Now, that’s not a likely scenario, but it would be impossible if you only offer your app to one operating system. Making your app available to both iOS and Android users will increase its popularity.


Mobile app users are often multi-tasking. So, if an app takes too long to load or to perform a function, users will switch off and do something else instead.


It almost goes without saying, but embedding the most robust security in your mobile app is imperative. With identity theft and security breaches at an all-time high, your app can’t perform up to its potential if you’re constantly battling systematic vulnerability. Don’t put your hard-earned app in a position to be compromised by not investing in top-notch security.

mobile app development companies

Bonus Feature: Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is the hottest thing for mobile app development companies. AR apps are based on virtual data and real life so users can interact with the virtual world while being in real space. The automotive industry and restaurant business were early adopters of AR-equipped apps to give their customers a “try-before-you-buy” experience. It can be the “wow” factor that sets your app apart from your competition.

The talented designers at Sunflower Lab challenged themselves to architect an AR app for fast food. This app displays beautiful 3D images of food that users can interact with, along with ingredient details.

What Mobile App Development Companies Need to Know

The app development life cycle is long and meticulous. But, taking the extra care and time to include certain features can be the difference between success and failure for the development company. The fundamentals of app development lay the groundwork for a product that will offer exceptional user experience in the marketplace. And for the cherry on top, consider Augmented Reality to really set it off and wow your customers. The Sunflower Lab has been satisfying customers with top-notch mobile app developments for over a decade. Leave your project up to the professionals by contacting our experts today!

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