3 Ways To Find The Best Custom Software Solutions In Ohio

Learn some tips and tricks to find the perfect IT partner in Ohio to suit your unique needs

Custom software solutions in Ohio have been helping businesses small and large achieve success for decades. But unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. There are custom software development companies that give amazing quotes, but they likely fall short when it comes to quality, customer service, reliability, or even a combination of them all. On the other hand, you may go with the “big box” company because they impress you with their expansive portfolio and glowing customer reviews. But, are they really worth the money? While a 100% success rate may be a lofty goal, we’re here to increase your chances of achieving your software development goals with some tips and tricks we’ve picked up after being in the business for over 10 years. So, without further ado, here are 3 ways to find custom software solutions in Ohio that are right for you! 

Find a Custom Software Solutions Company Scaled to Suit your Business

As mentioned above, there are tons of companies out there looking to deliver custom software solutions in Ohio. But, are they the right fit for your company? It’s important to understand that the best IT company to accommodate your needs is going to be one that gives you an experienced suited for the size of your company. For example, small to midsize companies will be most satisfied with a smaller IT enterprise that can deliver a personal, even one-on-one experience. These IT companies have smaller teams that can focus on fewer projects at a time while providing constant updates throughout the software development process. Additionally, smaller software development companies often offer more affordable options which delight smaller companies with tighter budgets. 

For larger companies, a bigger custom software company may be a better option for a number of reasons. One: bigger tech firms can turn around projects very quickly which may be ideal for a big company looking for custom software solutions in Ohio. Two: big development companies are able to deliver robust software solutions equipped with the latest tech trends which are often what larger companies are seeking. Three: Large tech agencies typically carry heavier price tags that suit the high budgets or bigger companies seeking a custom software solution.

As you can see, the size of the IT company plays a major role in your choice for a custom software solution in Ohio.

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Custom Software Solutions in Ohio Should be Experienced with Similar Projects and Clients

As you’re vetting custom software solution companies in Ohio, you should be keen on their previous clients and projects. Sift through their website and portfolio to answer the following questions: 

  • Do they have their case studies available to browse?
  • How do their products look visually? 
  • Can you view a clickable prototype or video to experience the UI/UX?
  • Have they worked with other companies in your industry? 
  • Do they have experience in the type of product or software you’re interested in?
  • What do previous clients have to say about the IT company? 

Ideally, the answer to all of these questions should be “yes.” If you come across a company and they can’t check all these boxes, they’re either not proud of their previous work, or they do not have the chops to take on your project—either way, move on! Going with the wrong company can cost you thousands of dollars, hours of sleep, and the edge on your competition. 

Meeting your Custom Software Solutions Provider Face-to-Face

The beauty of finding custom software solutions in Ohio is that you have the ability to meet the providers face-to-face. Making personal contact with your software partner before signing a contract gives you a chance to get a true feel for the engineers and project leads. It gives your intuition an opportunity to weigh in on your decision. You’ll be able to get a more clear idea of what the company and individuals can offer that an email or phone call simply wouldn’t translate. Additionally, research shows that a physical handshake promotes cooperation and influences negotiation outcomes for the better. 

So, collect the addresses of software developer prospects and spend an afternoon dropping in to their offices. The sense of intimacy, connection, and empathy that only a face-to-face interaction can garner can make a huge difference in the overall outcome of your app development experience. 

Finding the Right Custom Software Solutions Company for You

Neither custom software solutions nor custom software development companies are one-size-fits-all. Ultimately your choice will come down to one question you must answer: what is the right fit for you? With a little bit of research and patience, you’ll find the perfect partner to take your business to the next level. 

Looking for custom software solutions in Ohio? Look no further than Sunflower Lab. Named a top custom software development company in Ohio by Clutch, GoodFirms, and Digital.com,  we help our clients reach their professional goals with custom software solutions. From building a robust safety awareness mobile app for Nationwide Insurance to architecting an custom recruiting platform for Press Sports, we never approach a problem with a one-size-fits-all solution. Sunflower Lab brings integrity to every project—just one of the reasons we are revered as one of the top software development agencies in Ohio. At Sunflower Lab, we make software for a better tomorrow.

Helpful Information

What is customized software?

Custom software, also known as “Bespoke” software, is a type of application developed specially to suit a particular business or an organization to fulfill its specific business-centric requirements. Customized software is generally designed for a single client, or a group of clients (customers) who decide what kind of functionality and processes the software should possess.

Why is custom software development special?

There are pros and cons of buying off-the-shelf software packages as well as developing specialized software from a reliable custom software development company to suit your specific business needs. While you don’t have to spend time with the development team to design your software, in case of ready made software you can get started right away. However, such applications are generic in terms of end user requirements, and may offer certain features which may not exactly fit your unique requirements. So, even after spending money, you might still have to struggle with certain aspects of business automation as some features might not be available in your ready-made software.

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