Choosing the best tech stack is integral as it gives your development team tools that will be used from inception to deployment. Also, as a product owner, it gives you more flexibility and control over the finished software. Our experts at Sunflower Lab have compiled a list of the best tech stack 2023 so that you get the gist of which tech stack would best fit the bill.

Why the right tech stack is important:

  • It is the cornerstone or the foundation of your software-building process.
  • It speeds up the development process as well as the product’s efficiency.
  • It impacts the scalability and behavior of the software limiting your control.

Thus, before you put together your development team, check if you’ve got the stacks in your favor. Read on for a quick synopsis of the best tech stack 2023 and their individual benefits.

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What is a Tech Stack?

At its most basic, a technology stack is a collection of the various applications and technologies that are used during the software development lifecycle. This includes:

  • Codes
  • Programming languages
  • Tools
  • Frameworks
  • Platforms, etc.

Components that Make Up a Tech Stack:

  • Front end/client side – Consists of what the user sees and interacts with and is also called ‘client facing’.
  • Back end/server side – The logic that is behind the features of the application. It uses various programming languages and tools in handling the requests that it receives from the client-facing end.
  • Database – For the storage of application data like user profiles or information about the product or software.

How to Choose the Right Tech Stack for Your Business’ Software Development Life Cycle?

The tech stack that you choose depends upon:

  • Your business needs
  • The scalability you require
  • The level of security needed
  • How easy to maintain it would be
  • Your budget and the resources available

7 Best Tech Stack 2023 – The Pros & Cons

We’ve listed out the pros and cons first so that you can compare and contrast these technology stacks and then read up in more detail on the one that most fits your purpose. Or you could talk to our experts, click here.

Popular Tech Stack The Positives The Negatives
Java Spring Boot, Angular and MySQL → Preferred for Saas and enterprise web applications.
→ Is easily scalable, with a robust architecture and is flexible.
→ Spring Boot has starters that are basically popular libraries.
→ The application loading time might increase due to Spring Boot’s dependencies.
→ There is less control in the developer’s hand.
.Net Core with React or Angular → Ideal for creating applications using Windows, MacOS and Linux.
→ React supports features like virtual DOM and server-side rendering.
→ Easy to find support and solutions for Angular.
→ React does not provide additional security.
→ Angular is slower in execution when compared with React.
→ React uses JavaScript which is easier for most developers as compared to the default Typescript in Angular.
MEAN → Dynamic HTML pages can be created.
→ Response times can become faster through request routing that is optimized.
→ Routing and request management through HTTP make the software more responsive.
→ The server could block the reuse of come specific services and lead to substandard isolation of the business logic.
→ MongoDB could suffer from a loss of data because of partitioning or the loads being on a higher side.
MERN → Lower developmental costs as it is an open-source stack.
→ Less time consuming from the building to deployment stage.
→ Flexible code writing. Can be done on the server or on client-side.
→ Testing tools are pre-built facilitating easy testing
→ Testing would be a tad problematic as serverless environments would have to be replicated.
→ There could be possible security issues due to the multitenancy of the resources.
MEVN → Platform independent
→ Efficient software development through MVC capabilities.
→ JavaScript uses both the server as well as the client sides and thus, promotes faster development.
→ There is poor seamless integration with external services due to the lack of plugins and tools available.
→ Support too isn’t fully developed as the community of developers is smaller on account of being newer.
LAMP → You can replace any stack component as this is highly customizable.
→ Web-based software development has a more secure infrastructure here.
→ You get a significant amount of support for CMS and web hosts.
→ The Apache server’s performance suffers if there is too much load put on the system.
→ There could be possible bottlenecks in performance as there is shared hosting and code.
Serverless → Optimization in costs as you can pay on a per-use basis
→ Deployments and delivery of the software is accelerated
→ Extensive management of resources is not needed
→ There is a slight drag to testing as it isn’t easy to create a serverless environment for the same.
→ There could be security issues as there is resource multitenancy.

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7 Best Tech Stack 2023 List

Java Spring Boot, Angular & MySQL

This is an increasingly popular tech stack because of the comprehensive features it provides while simplifying the application development process. Due to the programming model which is application based, it is easier to do coding and thus, errors during the development stage is reduced. Spring Boot helps make this a cost-effective and scalable model.

  • Java Spring Boot – This is a Java-based, open-source framework that is perfect for web applications.
  • Angular – There is already a good support network in place which makes getting support and information easier.
  • MySQL – If there is a large amount of data that has to be managed then this is ideal as it offers security with scalability.

.NET Core with React or Angular

Applications can be prepared quickly and with more cost-effectiveness as .Net Core has a good set of tools. ReactJS is good for the creation of dynamic interfaces that need to be fast, easy in maintenance, and responsive.

  • .NET Core – Technologies like C#, Entity Framework Core, Xamarin and, ASP.NET
  • React – This is popular in tech stack as it is good when you want to build user interfaces especially those of single-page (SPA) applications.
  • Angular – Just like React, Angular to is great for SPAs as there are templates already present so there is less developer effort needed.


Mean has four primary points in its favor; it is adaptable, fits most budgets, can be scaled, and is user-friendly. Plus, it has proven its mettle in taking on heavy loads with ease; think Twitter and Netflix. Also, there is less code re-inventing to be done due to there being a single language i.e., JavaScript end-to-end. This cuts down on the need to keep creating new code. It works well for cloud hosting due to its being extensible and scalable.

  • MongoDB – Fast, efficient, and simple storage of data with a strong database that is document oriented.
  • ExpressJS – Makes it easier for your development team to create web applications through its lightweight and quick application framework.
  • Angular – Eases the creation process of user interfaces through its frontend MVC framework.
  • NodeJS – Speeds up and facilitates the development of network applications


MERN is a popular tech stack similar to MEAN except for the part where Angular is replaced by React. MERN’s JavaScript base is what makes it a favorite with full stack developer. It is best known for being affordable, efficient, scalable and secure. These features come in handy when you want to expand the capabilities of your software or application further.

  • MongoDB – Makes storage of large volumes of data easier.
  • ExpressJS – Managing the middleware and routes of the application through a we framework that is light.
  • React – Used to build user interfaces through its JavaScript library.
  • NodeJS – Works well when building web applications that are scalable.


MEVN is similar in composition to MEAN and MERN, with the difference being that VueJS replaces Angular (in MEAN) and React (in MERN). This stack has been a popular tech stack since the past few years. VueJS is adds to the performance while also providing a good set of tools thus, combining the best of React and Agular’s features.

  • MongoDB – Data can be easily stored in documents that are JSON-like as it has a robust database that is document oriented.
  • ExpressJS – Easier to route requests or handle responses through its simple API.
  • VueJS – User interfaces can be quickly built through its easy to use, light and progressive framework.
  • NodeJS – Perfect for application building on the cross-platform level as code can be written in JavaScript which runs both on the client side and server.


LAMP s another popular tech stack due to its being accessible, fast and scalable along with being customizable (WordPress too has used this). Its being open-source adds flexibility as you can choose Microsoft Windows over Linux if you prefer that OS. LAMP differs from the rest due to its scripting language where JavaScript is replaced with PHP, Python or Perl.

  • Linux – As an operating system, Linux proves to be very versatile.
  • Apache – Powerful features are combined with a secure web hosting feature.
  • MySQL – Databases are well-maintained along with being fast and stable.
  • PHP – Complex applications can be easily developed through this user-friendly language


When it comes to scalability that can be accomplished both efficiently and quickly, the serverless stack comes to mind. It is a popular tech stack especially among startups. The beauty of this stack is that you can choose to scale up or down as required as instead of physical servers, everything is on the cloud.

So, Which Best Tech Stack of 2023 is it to be?

Software is all about being up-to-date. Once you have chosen from one of the best tech stack 2023 you need the best development team as well.

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