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AI Application Development Company & Services

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Partner your business with our AI Software development Company for productive services. Our AI developers will design and execute customized software according to your needs.

AI Application Development Company & Services

Partner your business with our AI Software development Company for productive services. Our AI developers will design and execute customized software according to your needs.

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AI Application Development Services We Provide

At Sunflower Lab, we provide various best AI application development services to businesses. Our engineers possess unmatched expertise in AI development.

AI Model Integration and Optimization

Our integration and optimization services include customized integration of AI software models and streamlining workflow for improved efficiency.

AI Conversational Tools

We have experts who create customized conversational AI products similar to ChatGPT and DALL-E with high NLP and NLU accuracy.

Data analysis and preparation

Custom AI Solutions

Customized AI software development services from our developers include creating intent-based voice assistants, fraud detection tools or even sentimental analysis products.

machine learning

Fine-tuning Models

Our AI software development solutions services include fine-tuning and maintenance services on the trained models using data augmentation to guarantee efficient outcomes for you.

Deep Learning Model Development

Predictive Analytics Solution

The predictive analysis services by our AI/ML experts intend to develop software that makes use of data-driven predictions for optimal and trustworthy business decisions.

Computer Vision

We develop software that use Amazon Rekognition based visual searches with learning-based output to visually recognize and categorize images using computer vision technology.

Generative AI

Business Intelligence

Our expertise on AI software development services includes a wide range from creating customized business intelligence products like dashboards to customized report builders based on Microsoft’s Power BI.

computer vision services

OCR Services

Our AI software developers create OCR based services for improved visual document to text processing using high-end data reading and absorption process.

smart ai assistants and chatbots

AI Chatbot Development

We develop customized interactive AI chatbots and virtual assistants with minimalistic interface for easy integration into any given platforms.

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Philips_LightPlay experties page

An Intelligent Way to Find the Right Bulb

Request demo icon Case Study – Philips Light Play

We proved to be sublime solution for Philips when customers were finding it hard to replace their old bulbs, our AI based solution simplified the whole process. Meet the new Philips Light Finder

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An AI powered software solution to modernize healthcare

Request demo icon Use case - Health Assistant

This product has managed to transform personalized healthcare to new levels with improved real-time health analysis and give advice, this voice-based assistant is an upgraded version of your generic assistants.

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OpenAI App development services

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Sunflower Lab works efficiently and effectively. The vendor launched a prototype in three weeks and a working version in just three months. Their speed and willingness to respond to the client's needs were impressive. They were always accommodating, responsive, and supportive.

Alexandru Darie

Philips (Signify)


With our AI software development services, you can get several manufacturing software to streamline functions, these products cover many sections of your manufacturing business:

  • Failure Prediction tool
  • Maintenance planner
  • Smart Demand Forecaster

These tools would drastically reduce wastages and reduce time & cost consumption for manufacturing units.


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Through advanced AI based tools, digital security can be enhanced with software like: .

  • Unusual traffic detector
  • Network Traffic analyzer for threat detection
  • Breach risk prediction tools
  • Suspicious behavior detection tool


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In banking sector, AI potentially has a huge role with the innovative and impactful products like:

  • Fraud detection tool
  • Market trend predictor and analyzer
  • Chatbot based customer service
  • Investment optimizing software


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HR department of your business can be transformed with AI development services, there are several software like:

  • Payroll automation tool .
  • Potential candidate finder based on job descriptions
  • Software generating interview questions
  • Policy and guideline generator tool


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AI software in Education can benefit both teachers and students alike, products like these can simplify the education sector:

  • Speech recognizer and transcriber
  • Chatbot developed for guiding university students in enrollment, availing scholarships, etc.
  • Personalized learning plan generator
  • Lesson plan creation tool for educators


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Sales sector can have many advantages with AI software, with precise tools, they can generate more revenue for their business:

  • Customer behavior prediction tool
  • Potential Sales Forecasting tool
  • Upselling and cross-selling identifier
  • Repetitive task automation tool


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Logistics and supply chains have benefited with AI software development. With the following tools, it can be enhanced further:

  • Demand prediction software
  • Smart order modifiers
  • Re-routing software for in-transit products
  • AI web-based traffic manager for transit vehicles


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OpenAI App development services

Alexa & Google Home App for The Residential Real Estate Council

Request demo icon Case study – Alexa CRS

With AI powered voice-navigation, The Council was provided an efficient solution to locate CRS designees across the country, the innovative search is powered with Natural Language Processing.

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An AI based software solution to analyze customer response

Request demo icon Case study - Resolvedx

ResolvedX wanted to improve the way they managed reviews, to serve better they partnered with us to integrate AI/ML into their system for sentimental analysis, NLP based response and chat-bot for intelligent data presentation.

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OpenAI App development services

Our AI Powered Technology Stack

Ai framework
Cloud Platforms and Hosting 
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure
Integration and Deployment Tools
OpenAI Models
Programing Language
Apache Hive
Apache Hive
R Programming
R Programming

AI Application Development Process


Ideas are brainstormed and potential AI cloud solutions are analyzed upon to address the needs of users and their problem areas.


Creation of the product includes coding, integration, and testing. Development of the AI managed services for product’s core functionality as well as its features.


This stage includes a comprehensive design of the product and modeling of the prototypes or wireframes for visualization of the product’s anatomy and framework.


It involves assessment of the product by real users to compile reports to check that the product meets its expectation. This includes usability and affirmation to gather user feedback & pinpoint issues and areas that must be revamped.


Deploying of the product to market and promotion of its content to intended users. The formation of a launch plan and timeline. The product performance will be examined, and the user feedback post-launch is also analyzed.

Ongoing Support

This is an incessant process as it involves the maintenance and upgradation of the AI/ML product over time. Bugs, glitches, monitoring of software performance and updates are part of this long-term product support

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Integrating artificial intelligence capabilities into software platforms or applications is known as AI software development. AI Software Developers can produce intelligent and effective software that performs tasks, makes judgments, and adapts based on data analysis by incorporating AI algorithms and techniques.

Depending on the size and complexity of the use case, AI software development can take anywhere from three to 36 months to complete. The time needed is always dependent on the needs and demands of the clients.

There are several benefits of AI based software development in business arena, like better judgment, Increases in productivity and efficiency, increased efficiency in business, new capabilities, growth of the business model, individualized consumer experiences and enhanced services

The most expensive options in AI software development services are custom ones. Depending on the complexity of the project and the resources required for development and deployment.

Sensitive data is always under of risk of getting breached due to faults in the authorization guidelines, AI may divulge this information if not kept at its limits and for this our AI software development company has best data security rules for our customer’s safety.

Artificial intelligence can only simulate the human brain; it cannot replace human ability or creativity. Machine learning (ML) algorithms need to be instructed on how to carry out their given jobs. This calls for a significant number of human resources, which will only keep growing soon.

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