Rise of a Digital Mind

A world without virtual assistants and chat bots cannot be imagined presently, but not long before we were familiar with the boundary technology will take us to. It took a lot of effort from the experts from all over the globe to situate the digitalization scenario we find ourselves in.

It all began with ELIZA in 1966, a first in the field of human conversation simulation, as it was just a beginning, and it certainly had many limitations in it. In 2010, the revolutionary tool called ‘Siri’ which was an AI powered virtual assistant. Siri is still considered a milestone in this technological arena of AI. In the preliminary phases, AI chat online was primarily used for customer service, basically a platform which needed minimal maintenance and quick output for the customer queries. Things took a turn, when a survey conducted in the USA indicated that conversation with chatbots had adverse effects on its user.

AI chatbot is specifically designed for responding to the speech and text inputs given by the users, in the case of customer services, it can instruct and guide people regarding the products by that specific brand. Virtual assistants are more diverse regarding usage, they can do digital activities under the direction of the user.

Meeting and understanding the virtual hello!

Conversational AI has been considered as the present peak of cutting-edge technological advancement in the world. The chatbots are now abundantly used than before. It is quite complicated when we get into the background functions that make it happen, but in simple words, it analyses and ‘thinks’ on its own to give out more smart replies to the user, that is more the user tried to interact with it, more it gets to learn about the person. This is why now a days, low-coded programs are also available to the new enterprises, making them independent from using the existing tools. Learn in detail about them here. These bots thrive on the time and amount of interaction it gets over the time, thus evolution in a true sense.

Virtual assistants are more personal in a digital sense, as the term suggests it implies performing tasks for the product holder. Most of these are well capable of retorting audio instructions with ease. Conversational AI is a bigger umbrella under which these operate, while a chatbot needs many extra requirements to be considered as a conversational Artificial Intelligence. As we have read above, the natural learning process and addition of every input to the knowledge base making it better with time makes it a conversational AI in every way.It also helps to build a strong platform for business enterprises.

Fundamentally, there are three categories which the conversational AI is placed: y

  • Chatbots: These are natural learning tools that are designed to carry out a conversation to understand the needs of the user, commonly visible in the customer relation field.
  • Voice Assistants: Designed to do tasks that are conveyed through voice commands. Helps disabled individuals and provides ease of access to others. Present in smartphones, etc.
  • Interactive voice response: A convergence of chatbot and voice assistant, it is an advanced tool programmed to give out precise and instant responses.

Acquainting with significant conversational AI tools

   1. ChatGPT

One of the widely used tools, it is an AI chatbot which has contextual response module which can streamline your organizational needs, provide accurate analysis on your primary customers and get you smart ideas to boost revenue.

   2. Jasper

A writing oriented AI that is designed for your business needs, with its efficient and swift response system, it gives you precise and personalized outputs for your customers across multiple platforms.

   3. ChatBot

An advanced program which is specified for business enterprises who are in need of an innovative and automated customer service tool. It is a paid tool that has already established a fair amount of presence in the AI field. It is also capable of many app integrations important to all businesses.

While we get familiar with the relevant existing tools , we must look upon the developing programs that are highly regarded in the tech field as well.

   1. Alexa

Voice based assistant adept with many functions, belongs to the commercial giant Amazon and is one of the latest virtual assistants. It has certain features that enterprises use regularly, from knowing and organizing a conference to personalizing customer response using its skills.

   2. AgentGPT

This upcoming and progressing tool is about minimal manpower use in the companies, from copywriting to data analytics, they have many capabilities to assist all types of business with coherent output.

Positive effects of conversational AI in society

Positive Effect of Conversational AI in society

The amount of help and ease that AI powered virtual assistants and AI chatbots provide are not limited to the personal level, it pushes the barriers with time and expands itself to new enterprises. The text-to-speech tools are statistically on the rise than other types, it displays a significant growth in the technology market. The range of Text-to-Speech tools are high, from the medical field to business needs to understand the consumer needs, it has established itself as a prominent leader.

A good AI tool can be used for educational purposes, a gap between the teacher and student can be covered with an all-time available tool that is programmed to understand and analyze the shortcomings of pupils and then work accordingly, information then passed on to teachers for further assistance. The same way medical emergencies can be resolved using these intelligent chatbots, in a realistic medical emergency there may not be qualified personnel to attend and thus AI chatbots come in, gives valuable and primary instructions to provide aid.

Case Study (AMTRAK)

AMTRAK is a leading travel service provider in the USA, it took a revolutionary step when they introduced ‘Julie’, a voice supporting chatbot which catered to the travel needs of the customers. With this AI powered chat service, they boosted their revenue by 30%. Julie answers around 5 million questions each year.

Challenges for AI and virtual assistants in future

With all the buzz around the AI chat online and virtual assistants, one could easily miss out on the challenges it presents. While it should not be forgotten that constructive criticisms always help technology to grow.

  • The AI is very helpful for customers in the e-commerce segment as it assists with product finding and primary support, but this action requires good training and programming to succeed.
  • Data security is another concern present in everyone’s mind while using these AI tools. Many of the organizations give guaranteed privacy of data, but yet the anxiety revolving around these must be addressed and tackled in the coming Artificial Intelligence tools.
  • There is a fear among the employees that particularly work in the customer service sector, with an inevitable takeover by AI predicted by the tech world, it must be thought of how AI can be used to improve the employee performance and not replace them.
  • The accountability issues are required to be regularly addressed when these automated bots divert from their functions due to limited instructions.

A Culminating Verdict

The world is on the path for a synchronizing evolution of humans and technology, many of the breakthroughs were particularly made for the luxury and comfort of society. AI conversational tools and Virtual assistants is now an essential part of everyone’s daily life, what makes it more virtuous is the fact that it is a continuous process which will flow all the time like a river, getting wiser and intelligent with time, providing individuals support and wellbeing.

Business and all other service sector initiatives will greatly benefit with these tools. As we have read, most of the companies have already adopted Artificial Intelligence as an indispensable part of them. The more vital their roles get; the challenges need to be constantly addressed for a secure and developing environment for AI chatbot and virtual assistants.

Decisively, a resilient collaboration is expected to happen between the workforces and AI in the foreseeable future. With all essential knowledge and efficiency of AI combined with the humanistic regulation and monitoring, the hurdles for a near-perfect productivity in organizations will be resolved.