Custom Web Application Development Could Be Secret Key To Learning During COVID-19 Times

Coronavirus has caused a sudden boom in custom web application development, particularly in the education sector. Educators and their pupils are running from the classroom to the safety of their homes amid the threat of the global pandemic. Thusly, learning is shifting from in-person to online. As notebooks are swapped for iPads, custom web application development is responsible for educating our future leaders. Here are 4 traits about custom web application development that will help make the transition from brick-and-mortar learning to online a breeze.

Custom Web Application Development vs. Mobile Apps

While mobile apps have a place in the market, interacting with curricular content on a custom web application development makes for a much better learning experience. Inside Higher Ed points out that the Learning Management System (LMS) software applications hosted online allow students to easily download content. Web apps also have a bigger and better display. These traits and more make the process more fluid compared to mobile apps. Learning Hub also identifies the following strengths of custom web application development:

  • Easy maintenance- With a single codebase, developers only need to make one set of updates.
  • Quick launch- There is no formal approval process or centralized marketplace for web apps.
  • Diverse device compatibility- Accommodates a range of devices, including older models
  • Inexpensive- Generally, the cost is lower for web apps vs mobile apps, depending on the number of browsers it is built to support.
  • Simply shared- Web apps are accessed via URLs.

Web Development Frameworks

A web application framework is specially designed to support web applications development. These frameworks include web services, web resources, and web APIs. They offer a standard way of building and deploying web applications. The aim of a web framework is to automate routine activities during the development process. Thereby, significant time is saved. Below are the key advantages of using web development frameworks

  • Efficiency- Development is a lot easier and much quicker.
  • Security- Cyberattacks are detected and fixed early since large numbers of developers use frameworks. 
  • Cost-effectiveness- Majority of web development frameworks are open source. If a special license is required it is easily afforded.
  • Support- Typically, each framework has a large number of followers, and thousands of developers develop their code using it. Moreover, there’s plenty of documentation, APIs, and tools which support quick development.
  • Scalability- With wide accessibility, it’s very easy to pick up someone’s code and reuse it to build your application.

To learn more about web development frameworks, check out this video.

Establishing a Routine

We used to work from home. Now, we “work from phone.” Adults answer emails, join meetings, and access files all from their cell phones. This means they work from the car, in the grocery store, and even during dinner. Adults can handle this level of 24/7 accessibility, but should our children? Consistency is fundamental in the development of good habits in children. Brick-and-mortar schools provide a structured routine for children during most of their waking hours. On the other hand, e-learning can be a little less predictable in nature. Unlike mobile apps, custom web application development requires Wi-Fi or a hard connection. This can help limit when and where schoolwork is done, which in turn can help establish a routine lost when not learning face-to-face.  

Education Blooms With Sunflower Lab Custom Web Application Development

Around 2.5 million children in the U.S. are currently homeschooled. This number increased 25% from 2012 to 2016. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, that number is sure to rise even more. Administrators are forced to implement e-learning practices into their curriculum without much time to consider their options, let alone pick up coding on their own to make a unique educational tool. But with a custom web application development from Sunflower Lab, young people can experience a robust, ubiquitous learning environment that is cost-effective for administrators and helpful to busy parents. Sunflower Lab is leading the way in web app development. Our outstanding skills paired with a trusted reputation make us a great partner in technology. With a rigorous training program for our personnel, as well as a history of high-quality service, Sunflower Lab can guarantee the end product while delivering constant communication and updates throughout the app development process. Contact us today!

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