Looking into Copilot in Power BI

Artificial Intelligence is the leader in technology currently, with its immense influence over every digital product and program, it has further simplified that was supposedly already eased up with the introduction of technology. Microsoft Copilot is an artificial intelligence (AI) based assistant that helps its user to improve productivity, unlock new realms of creativity and streamline the data retrieval process, it has several integration features which makes it available throughout the products of Microsoft.

Power BI from Microsoft, one of the most advanced data visualization and report generation tools used across industries is the latest program to have this AI chatbot like feature embedded into it. As Power BI development services already enable organizations to have their data visualization needs fulfilled with intuitive report generation and easy share features, now it also gets the power of AI with Copilot in Power BI.

Power BI provides Copilot for Microsoft Fabric Public Preview. It assists you in leveraging the potential of your data by utilizing the transformative ability of generative AI. An overview of the newly released Power BI capabilities can be found in this post. With the use of generative AI, which Power BI recently released, you can now automatically produce reports by choosing a topic or by asking Copilot to research a certain topic. You can also use generative AI to build a narrative graphic that summarizes your report.

Using Copilot in Power BI Impactfully

An effective Copilot in Power BI helps you create DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) queries more quickly:

DAX Feature

Natural Language DAX Suggestions:

  • With Copilot, you can articulate your needs in simple terms. You can use common language to explain what you want rather than laboriously creating complicated DAX calculations.
  • Quick Measures is a function of Power BI Desktop that Copilot works with.
  • For example, you can say, “Give me the sales data by region and product category,” and Copilot will generate the suitable DAX measures for you.

Quick Measure Suggestions:

  • Quick Measure suggestions are available to you once you enable Copilot.
  • These tips assist you in developing unique measures without having to start from beginning with DAX code.
  • Simply prompt the suggestion you need, and Copilot will instantly provide you with DAX suggestions.

Data Model Validation:

  • Copilot helps model creators validate measurements and data in their semantic model.
  • The DAX query view allows you to explore and analyze data without the need for extra tools or visualizations.
  • This process enables the validation and authenticity of your data.

To put it briefly, Copilot makes creating DAX queries easier, improves the validation of data models, and makes creating reports in Power BI simpler. It’s an important tool for users of all skill levels.

Report Generation

By utilizing generative AI, Copilot in Power BI transforms the report development process. This is how it helps:

 Report Creation:

  • With Copilot, you can articulate your needs in simple terms. You can use plain language to describe what you want, rather than laboriously crafting intricate DAX formulas or report formats.
  • For example, you can say, “Get me the yearly sales report,” and Copilot instantly creates a report complete with required data visualizations.

 Automated Report Outlines:

  • Copilot gives you a head start by recommending a page breakdown for your report. It creates page recommendations based on your data and summaries your dataset.
  • Even though the original concept might not be ideal, you can easily adapt it to fit your unique requirements.

Narrative Visuals: :

  • A text description of the data represented in your report canvas is provided by the narrative graphics that Copilot creates.
  • These images let you guide the summary for your target audience and offer suggested questions.
copilot in power bi

In conclusion, Copilot improves the end-user experience, guarantees correctness, expedites report preparation, and saves time.

Viewing Copilot’s Impact in Action

copilot in power bi

Measuring the Intelligence

The Copilot in Power BI is clearly a new and experimental feature. What we should understand is that it is supposed to assist you in creating new data or refining the existing data, one should not completely rely upon Copilot for unreviewed and direct reports or data output as it may contain certain errors. As we used the DAX query from the Copilot, we saw the tag of “Suggested features” above the output.

It is an evolving process, the more it gets used to the Power BI, the more it will be refined, as of now it cannot modify the visuals after we have generated them, one must do that manually. Secondly, the capabilities to add filters or set slicers through the prompt, and lastly it lacks the power to make layout changes, for example if you instruct it to align the visuals perfectly, it will not function as intended.

Copilot is a well capable tool nonetheless, even within the preview phase inside the Power BI, it has got a lot of benefits for the user, we can with confidence say that Copilot in Power BI is set for evolution with every operation and prompt it gets.

A Conclusive Landing

Copilot in Power BI has immense capabilities to help every professional across all the industries, as we become familiar with data visualization and reporting tools, Power BI is already adopted across all major industries for quick and efficient operations of data. With Microsoft Copilot, it has become more powerful and amplified its range.

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