Healthcare is more important than ever. Hospitals regularly utilize technology to provide care to patients. However, new health concerns crop of every day that make it harder for care providers to do their jobs. Because of this, software companies are working hard to create custom healthcare software development products. But not just any products, these custom software developments must offer specific features and services to properly serve healthcare providers—because when someone’s life is on the line, there’s no time to waste. Read on to learn about how custom software can help hospitals save time, avoid mistakes, achieve scalability, stay secure, and provide care on the go.

The Importance of Custom Healthcare Software Development

Let’s face it, the world isn’t what it used to be. We’re living in a time of instant gratification. Not to mention all the new health concerns we’re up against. Custom healthcare software development has the power and scalability to transition the healthcare industry into the 21st century and beyond by offering a convenient, reliable, safe, and handy solution to traditional healthcare operations. Ultimately, the importance of custom healthcare software development is to make life easier for nurses and doctors who work hard to keep us all healthy.

Save Time

Hospital workers waste so much time completing physical paperwork and searching for files. With custom healthcare software development, patient forms and other paperwork are stored inside the application. What’s more, care providers can easily navigate to their desired file by utilizing the search function. And rather than being tethered to a workstation or file cabinet, custom software allows hospital employees to manage information on the go. One report revealed that doctor can care for more patients in an eight hour shift with technology than a 12 hour shift without technology. When every moment counts, count on custom software designed specifically for the healthcare industry.

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Fewer Mistakes

We all love a good “doctor’s signature,” but when it comes to deciphering what symptoms a patient has and recommendations for treatment, handwritten notes can create many problems in hospitals. The process of physicians writing orders online (computerized physician order entry) stands to benefit the most from custom healthcare software development; the rate of serious errors fell 55% in one study and the rate of all errors fell 83% in another study. Computerization of this process reduces the likelihood of medication errors in four ways:

  1. All orders follow a template and must have all fields completed
  2. Because they are digital, they are always legible
  3. All orders are checked against information saved in the software’s database including allergies, drug interactions, etc.

Here’s an example: one study showed that the process for allergy detection is extremely flawed without custom software. Shockingly, researchers found that about one in three orders for drugs to which a patient had a known allergy slipped through due to improper handwritten note taking and incorrect filing. Mistakes happen because we are human. Implementing information technology can help eliminate those mistakes.


The world changes every day and with it, new health concerns to hurdle. Custom healthcare software development is just that—custom. As the healthcare facility grows or shrinks, the software can be altered to accommodate. And as the industry changes, new features and functionalities can be added to the computerized solution. Sure, commercial off-the-shelf solutions may seem enticing. But, they lack scalability, adaptability, and customization. And the mission of hospitals is too important to compromise on a one-size-fits-all solution.


With the advent of custom healthcare software development, hospitals are sharing, storing, and retrieving information online more than ever. And in order to protect the hospitals and its patients, embedding the most robust security is of paramount importance. These security measures could take the form of multi-factor authentication. Anti-spam and strong firewalls are also key to protecting against hackers seeking confidential patient information. Cloud computing is also a reliable way to store sensitive data.

Apps for Wearable Custom Healthcare Software Development

Custom healthcare software development works smarter not harder for care providers. Wearable apps present growing opportunities in hospitals, nursing homes, and more. These smart tools have become trusted sidekicks to healthcare professionals.

  1. Encourage Exercise
    It’s estimated that 20% of all healthcare costs result from lack of consistent exercise and lack of sleep. By using wearable tech to encourage more exercise and better sleep patterns, this will help patients become healthier and reduce strain on the healthcare system.
  2. Slow Spread of Germs
    Wearable devices worn by healthcare providers can monitor wellness and activity levels. This information can prevent employees from returning to work before they are fully recovered, while also providing a more realistic insight into when they can return to work.
  3. Fewer Sick Days
    The health insurance company Humana began offering its employees wearables to earn rewards for reaching fitness activity goals. A three-year study of employees who participated in this program showed a 44 percent decrease in the number of sick days taken. Less sick days in the hospital means more providers to care for patients. 

Custom Healthcare Software Development For A Brighter Tomorrow

When time is of the essence, physicians need support they can rely on. Custom healthcare software development can offer unparalleled benefits ranging from saving time to saving lives. The goal of implementing software into hospitals is not to make people obsolete, but rather harness the strength of IT and allow doctors and nurses to get back to the things best done by humans, like making decisions and communicating. Together, care providers and custom software can create a bond so powerful that no health concern could stand a chance.

Have an idea for a healthcare software solution? Sunflower Lab is a custom software development company with many years of experience in the healthcare industry. From inception to deployment, we are ready to assist at every stage of the development process. Contact us today!

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