The Journey to Becoming a Top Mobile App Development Company in Columbus, Ohio

As a top mobile app development company in Columbus, Ohio, it has been our philosophy since 2010 to develop technology for a better tomorrow. We aim to provide complete solutions to our clients rather than just pieces and parts. What’s more than that, we transcend just the software itself—we are focused on solving real problems for businesspeople in the Ohio market. How do we do that, you ask? Read on to find out how we became a top mobile app development company in Columbus, Ohio.

One-Of-A-Kind Mobile App Development Solutions

In the competitive field of mobile app development, it’s important to never approach a problem with a one-size-fits-all solution. At Sunflower, we celebrate what makes each of our clients unique! We offer completely customizable developments, giving you the power to choose your own framework, features, and design. Sunflower Lab offers three different types of mobile apps—Native Mobile Apps, Mobile Web Apps and Progressive Web Apps, and Cross-Platform Mobile Apps—built to make your company a competitive player in the ever-growing digital universe.

Professional Online Presence

How an app development company presents themselves online is a great indication of what they will deliver. At Sunflower, we regularly run website audits to see where improvements can be made. We consistently share our knowledge on our blog, and show off our projects in our portfolio. Vendor research sites are also key to establishing a professional online presence for a top mobile app development company in Columbus, Ohio. We have established strong occupancy on both Clutch and GoodFirms, even claiming awards throughout our existence. This helps new clients discover our services, and reassures current customers that our work is credible.


Staying Current

Every employee has committed themselves to being a lifelong learner. This commitment has allowed Sunflower Lab to remain current after over a decade of doing business. For example, Amazon Web Services is taking the world by storm as a top cloud-computing platform. We want our clients to receive top-of-the-line services, so Sunflower Lab became AWS-certified mobile app development company in Columbus, Ohio. And as our virtual worlds continue to expand, augmented and virtual reality is quickly emerging as a burning hot trend. Sunflower Lab’s trained professionals equip your business with AR and VR apps that not only helps elevate your brand to a new platform, but also opens new potential for your business.

Exceptional Development Fundamentals

This may seem obvious, but we wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for our outstanding mobile app development solutions. While we pride ourselves in staying up on the latest trends in technology, our fundamentals are the backbone of Sunflower Lab. We incorporate three features into every mobile application we build: push notifications, social media networking capabilities, and an array of performance-enhancing elements. When combined, these features lay the groundwork for a competitive solution to any problem.

Being a Top Mobile App Development Company in Columbus, Ohio

Being a top mobile app development company in Columbus, Ohio is a big responsibility. Everyday, there are more problems to solve and more solutions to create. But, we are so proud to serve our community. With incredible products, curious technologists, professional composure, and solid fundamentals, we’d say we’ve secured our spot on top. Discover Sunflower Lab today

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