Mobile App Design: Trending Features For 2021

2020 was far from typical. Our professional and personal lives were flipped upside down. From shopping to taking meetings, we’ve had to adjust to a new “normal.” But, one thing that has prevailed, and nearly single-handedly carried us through this pandemic, is technology. While other industries have unfortunately suffered, the tech sector is not only surviving, but thriving. So, as we look ahead to next year, we’d like to explore all the emerging trends in mobile app design for 2021. 

Mobile App Design Trends 2021 #1: Cloud Services

Over the past decade, cloud services have increased in popularity for its storage, networking, and technological capacity offerings. It has also been revered as being fast, flexible, and cost effective. In spite of all these benefits, it is predicted that cloud services will be used for mobile app design more often in 2021 to reduce business expenses and enhance mobile app user experience.

Mobile App Design Trends 2021 #2: Augmented Reality Inclusion

Augmented Reality (AR) is the hottest thing for mobile app design and development companies. AR apps are based on virtual data and real life so users can interact with the virtual world while being in real space. The automotive industry and restaurant business were early adopters of AR-equipped apps to give their customers a “try-before-you-buy” experience. It can be the “wow” factor that sets your app apart from your competition.

The talented designers at Sunflower Lab challenged themselves to architect an AR app for fast food. This app displays beautiful 3D images of food that users can interact with, along with ingredient details.

augmented reality mobile app design sunflower lab
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Mobile App Design Trends 2021 #3: Rise in Wearable Technology

From the basic fitness trackers and highly-advanced sports and smartwatches, to virtual and augmented reality headsets, wearables are everywhere. The devices use sensors to connect to human users. The sensors collect data that can help you to multitask, reach your fitness goal, improve your sleep, make you a better employee, and so much more. With more people seeking comfort and convenience, wearable technology is being used in mobile app design more than ever.

mobile app design wearable technology sunflower lab

Mobile Apps for 2021: The Basics

Users will come for the bells and whistles, but they will stay for the fundamentals. For mobile app design in 2021, the most important things to remember are the essentials. The overall performance of the products of mobile app development companies determines whether or not it’s adopted in the marketplace. There are three main factors when it comes to app performance:  


When you finally launch your mobile app development, the hope is that every smartphone user will download it! Now, that’s not a likely scenario, but it would be impossible if you only offer your app to one operating system. Making your app available to both iOS and Android users will increase its popularity.


Mobile app users are often multi-tasking. So, if an app takes too long to load or to perform a function, users will switch off and do something else instead.


It almost goes without saying, but embedding the most robust security in your mobile app is imperative. With identity theft and security breaches at an all-time high, your app can’t perform up to its potential if you’re constantly battling systematic vulnerability. Don’t put your hard-earned app in a position to be compromised by failing to invest in top-notch security.

Mobile App Design For The Future

As mobile app design continues to evolve, it is important to stay abreast of the latests trends in technology. Adopting a mentality of a life-long learner is key to staying relevant in the competitive field of mobile app design. However, it is equally as imperative to stay true to the fundamentals of mobile app develop. After all, having an unbreakable foundation is more important than flashy features! To ensure your product is both up-to-date an mechanically strong, you must team up with a trusted and experienced mobile app development company.

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