Vishay Intertechnology, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductors and electronics testing organization, has partnered with Sunflower Lab to build their innovative workflow management mobile app and software system. Vishay maintains extensive testing laboratories at its facilities in order to meet qualifications to a wide range of specifications vital to the automotive, commercial, defense, medical, and aerospace markets.

Full-Scale Digital Transformation

Vishay engaged with Sunflower Lab to design, develop, and deliver their workflow management application. The software is used to optimize tasks that were previously completed manually, such as: creation and approval of purchase orders (PO), inventory management, report creation pre- and post-testing of a component, as well as tracking the test time and test completion time of a component by their customers etc.

Key features of the application include:

  • Purchase Orders are created on the fly automatically upon identification of testing requirements.
  • Inventory levels are continuously monitored, with push notification alerts of low inventory items.
  • Inventory usage is closely tracked and recorded—e.g. technician name, purpose, date and time.
  • Robust real-time reporting capabilities for tracking readings, testing time, test results, equipment used, and other key factors in the testing process.
  • User management and permissions are enforced to manage approval process and streamline workflow.

Customer-Centric Results

By implementing these features, Vishay hopes to improve the accuracy of the reports while reducing the chances of human error. They also hope to improve overall efficiency by eliminating various manual processes. And, ultimately, exceed their customers’ expectations by delivering a quality product, every time.

As more and more companies are modernizing their workflow and processes, they’re turning to software-based solutions. This was the case for Vishay. Out of the box wasn’t going to cut it. They needed something specifically designed and built to suit their needs. It’s impressive to see a giant in the industry continue to innovate the way Vishay has.—Ronak Patel, CEO, The Sunflower Lab

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