Digitalization demands foresight. When creating a digital product, it is not mere functionality that is the key. One has to keep in mind multiple platforms, support, reliability, and even more important in recent years, security. Considering this, it is no surprise that Java programming language is the increasingly popular choice for success in 2023.

Java has been gaining popularity as the programming language of choice for a wide variety of software, from mobile and desktop applications to web services. It is actually the features of Java that make it both versatile and powerful. However, though Java is considered to be easy for building applications and digital products, there is a skillset requirement that not every developer can fulfil which is why one has to hire java developer.

When it comes to Java software development outsourcing you need to consider the expertise and experience that the developer is bringing to the table. For this, it is best to have a look at past projects, and products as well as the service package of the firm you are considering. Also, transparency is paramount. At Sunflower Lab, our experts have had experience in over 32 industries and this certainly shows in our work and services.

The Features that Equal Success

Java provides a lot of features that add to the control a product owner has over the final product as well as shorten the time to the market. This creates a win-win situation. Also, it has been used by the likes of Amazon, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, and eBay due to its host of features as listed below:

Feature Description Java Empowered
Cross-platform compatibility Allows products to run on multiple platforms without the need to changes. This makes it ideal when you need your product to run on multiple operating systems Uber & Airbnb use Java for seamless operations across different operating systems and devices. Airbnb is available on platforms like Android, the web and iOS.
Speed & Performance The speed and performance of Java has steadily improved over the years due to is JIT compilation and garbage collection features. Due to multi-threading, it can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Netflix uses Java as it allows requests and streaming processes to take place at the same time causing increased speed and performance
Scalability & Security Due to its security features like its sandbox environment, it is considered to be safe for developing software that needs to handle sensitive e information. It can also handle large-scale workloads and environments. Amazon is a vast e-commerce platform that has several thousand products listed and needs to keep customer data like Wishlist and profile information along with orders and feedback. Java improves its security and scalability.
Versatile & Standardized Java is a versatile language that can be used over various platforms. Because it is standardized developers can expect consistent behavior in its various implementations. LinkedIn too uses Java. It is a social networking site that is able to handle users across platforms as well as manage their data.
Large community & Eco-system It has a large community of developers who have contributed to its extensive library of frameworks and open-source libraries. Google Docs, Gmail, and Maps have all been built with Java. All three can be used across platforms and are user-friendly as well as interactive.

Why Hire Java Developers?

With so many programming languages out there, it is a valid question. Plus, Java might provide an extensive library, frameworks, and support, but it needs experts for proper programming. Considering that having an expert team on-hand might not be an immediate alternative, why is Java preferred for digital product development or a custom java application?

Flat. Impersonal. Disengaging. That is what eHumanize had set out to transform. It wanted to create an eLearning model that was a breath of fresh air as compared to traditional dehumanizing eLearning. Our team at Sunflower Lab worked with them to build digital transformation in the form of a web app for education that changes the world.

Java is preferred by developers as it can be used on the front end as well as the back end of an application. Due to this, it hits the right notes with product owners as well as you have powerful, faster, and more efficient applications ready in less time to market.

Thus, Java can be empowering and can be used to explore the full potential of a digital product. For this, you do not need the best java developer but instead an on-demand team. And it isn’t just the cost that proves this choice worth its mettle. You need an experience which adds versatility to a developer’s profile and ensures that you have someone who can take a multi-faceted approach.

Furthermore, technology means staying up to date which can be a grueling task. For instance, take customer support for example. Customer support was once a simple (though perhaps not as efficient) process of dialing a toll-free number, being redirected to an IVR and then connecting to an actual human representative. Now, Java and Chat GPT have simplified this even further by the introduction of chatbots that understand NLP (Natural Language Processing).

This has taken customer support to a new level via chatbot as merely by typing a few sentences, customers can get answers and be satisfied. Plus, because of the advanced machine learning of AI, the responses will be personalized. Thus, there will be a human touch without the need to employ human staff! Read more on this.

Java Software Development Outsourcing: The hidden perks apart from the cost-effectiveness

Through outsourcing, it is easier to get java developers with the right experience and skillsets. Java though popular is not entirely straightforward. Thus, expertise cannot take a back seat. However, being a specialization, a full-time hire of a java language architect would not be cost-effective. Thus, outsourcing has become an increasingly popular alternative. This aids in boosting productivity while at the same time keeping costs lower. Through outsourcing, some of the burden from the company is also lifted as they do not have to worry about the training or management of a coding team for custom java application building.

When you hire Java developer through outsourcing you are building a team of experts for the building of your product. However, if you are not certain about which programming language to build your product in it is best to first get a consultation done. Also, you can check the products that the team you are planning on hiring has already built so that you can make a more informed decision.

At Sunflower Lab we believe in partnering with our clients from ideation to deployment which is why we provide them with full support and a wide range of digital solutions. Read about our work.

Checklist of when your digital product will work best with Java

  • ◢ Does your digital product require web applications, mobile applications, or enterprise software?
  • ◢ Does your digital product require the handling of vast volumes of data or do you foresee or prefer having the flexibility to easily upscale?
  • ◢ Do you have a product that requires secure data storage and secure communication?
  • ◢ Do you want faster development time? Java has many built-in frameworks and libraries that help in reducing the time to market.
  • ◢ Do you require easy integration? Java provides extensive support for web services and APIs.

Apart from these factors you need to consider the maintenance element as well as long-term support and stability are required. Furthermore, when choosing the technology powering your applications you are defining how much power and control you will ultimately have on the end product.

If you are uncertain what would best suit your digital product share your hassle with our team! Your idea is 100% protected by our non-disclosure policy. And we believe in working as a partner in building digital solutions from ideation to deployment. Contact our experts today so that we can guide you as to the best solution, and if you do want us to work with you on your product, it’ll be great!

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