“Creating a New Digital Experience to Improve Communication, Productivity, and Efficiency in the Real Estate Industry”

While the true buyer is always keen to buy and the seller enthusiastic to sell the process isn’t so simple, especially when it comes to real estate. For instance, factor in all those missed appointments, open houses, and listings that could have been marketed better along with the administrator’s difficulty in staying on top of what their agents are doing. What we have at the end of the day is a series of missed opportunities to close positive deals. However, it is tapping into these problem areas can generate actual results and this is where real estate app development can serve to streamline real estate search.

Instead of a problem, this can instead be seen as an opportunity to improve, as our client Brevity did. Sunflower Lab partnered with them to create a digital solution that would improve communication, productivity and efficiency.

Capturing & Connecting Real Estate Leads from Across All Sources in One Platform!

Real estate agents need to find, process and communicate information on the go which is why a mobile application version is easier operationally. Our experts at Sunflower Lab were able to provide a mobile solution packed with features to Brivity that included:

  • Improved collaboration and connectivity within the team & with clients.
  • Lead & transaction management.
  • Enabled marketing of listings to social media platforms .
  • Tracking social media ROI through dashboards so that your team knows where to pay attention.

Since real estate agents have a lot already on their plate, the focus of digital solutions should be to help streamline the business. With less on their hands, they will be better able to concentrate on bringing in business!

How Property Searches Sink & How Apps Help Them Sail

The first rule of selling is that the end client can find it upon searching for the same. Unfortunately, one of the biggest pain points when it comes to real estate is the limitation of search filters. You might have the perfect property that fits the client’s requirements to a T and the best estate agent on the job and yet – no leads simply because the client doesn’t know about the listing or agent.

For example: Think of a search that is flexible enough to allow users / prospective clients to find CRS agents by

  • Location
  • Specialty
  • Designation
  • Certification
  • Languages Spoken & More

Real estate agents have a few common pain points when it comes to closing deals. Of course, situationally, there can be a few more depending upon the situation, but these and other pain points can easily be tackled through innovative digital solutions.

Common Pain Points Problem Digital Solutions
Search Filters Prospective clients find it difficult to find the listing that meets their preference as they are not able to filter out searches. Thus, this is where a lot of time and effort go to waste as the right property despite being out there would not be accessible. Through digital platforms, search options can be refined on the basis of basics like location and price; to the more detailed like the number of bedrooms. This helps to save time for both agents as well as clients.
Accuracy of Information With real estate, clients are very criteria specific and so listings that are not accurate or have not been updated would lead them to lose their trust with the relative while at the same time feel that time was wasted. Digital solutions provide up-to-date information on amenities, square footage, and number of rooms. Clients can make a more informed decision based on this.
Appointment Issues Many times, deals do not happen because the client misses the appointment, and the agent was too busy to send reminders for the same. Also, there might be appointments scheduled for the same time which would create conflicts. Through the use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and applications, the appointment process can be streamlined to schedule showings and consultations online.
Remote Access Clients can at times find it difficult to personally visit a property. If they are able to remotely access the information required at such times, it makes it easier for them to make a final decision. Also, if the client is certain of the property, they might decide to be able to physically view the same at a later date. With remote access, they can not only be provided with a virtual tour but also can be able to access documents and information pertaining to the listing and transactions details, making it easier for them to close the deal without being physically present.
Organizational Gaps It is difficult for agents to communicate with clients and keep track of the listings viewed and those to send clients updates or notifications for. Push notifications are a simpler way of information sharing. Buyers are alerted and thus made aware when properties that meet their requirements are added or available.

Thus, digital solutions can help in providing accessibility and information for potential clients. Real estate agents can benefit from the improved organization, communication, and collaboration facilities that are made available. Read on for a gist of how real estate applications streamline property search and their ten must-have essential features!

How Real Estate Apps Streamline Property Search

Interestingly, prospective clients and real estate agents have similar goals when it comes to finding and closing the perfect deal faster, with more ease and efficiency. Using digital solutions, clients can find listings faster while agents can streamline the follow-up and collaboration process through the features and functionalities such applications provide.

Based on our work with clients, our experts at Sunflower Lab have complied a list of the 10 Essential Real Estate App Development features that can enhance your business by revving up speed, easing the process, and making it more efficient at the same time.

10 Essential Real Estate App Features that Enhance Business

Real estate app development has gained momentum over the years as buyers and agents have realized the ease and convenience of searching for or listing properties through them. The features and functionality of these applications help in speeding up the process and reducing the bounce rate. Since clients can make a more informed decision, they are better able to invest their time and the agent’s attention is properties that they are most likely to buy instead of a series of trials and errors. Listed below are the 10 essential features for real estate app development that are a win-win solution for buyers and agents (including sellers) alike.

   1. Property Search

Clients often are unable to find the listing that best meets their criteria. With a robust property search feature, it is easier for users to search properties based on specific criteria like location, property type, price range, etc. Thus, the functionality of the feature is based on being in tune with user preferences as well as being able to list out the properties present on the listing based on the set preferences.

   2. Property Listings

It goes without saying that a detailed and well-presented listing with high-quality photos, descriptions, and virtual tours would be more engaging. Most clients look for details and appreciate accurate but well-taken photographs so that they can have a visual of the prospective property. Through the addition of a virtual tour, it is easier for clients to make decisions regarding properties that they do not have time to personally come and view.

   3. Map Integration

Real Estate App

Most users prefer to have a visual representation of the property so that they can shorten their list of prospective properties to view or look into. By integration with a mapping software users get a visual representation of the prospective property as well as the surroundings. This helps in giving familiarity so that the prospect has a better idea as to the suitability of the neighborhood. Through integration with maps, the client can also view the amenities that are nearby as well as get directions.

   4. Notifications

Notifications are important as they keep prospects updated as to new listings, changes in prices and features, or other updates. This allows the agent to subtly remain in touch with the client while also keeping the client up to date. With reminders and new offers coming in the client is more likely to be able to zero in on the property that meets their requirements. Also, with the constructive use of push notifications users are able to have a look at new properties that match their existing search preferences without having to actively keep searching to remain updated on new listings that become available.

   5. User Profiles

Real Estate App

User profiles are a feature that assists in creating a more personalized experience for the end user. Through profiles the search history of the user can be tracked, and their preferences and saved properties viewed. The application would allow users to create profiles and save their favorite properties so that they do not have to go through the same steps again. This not only saves time but is convenient for users. Furthermore, people tend to return to applications that provide them with value as well as time and effort. By providing a functional app there is greater client retention which is positive when it comes to pushing notifications and updates as to newer listings as there is already an established customer base.

   6. Communication Tools

Essential Real Estate App

Communication between agents and clients is the glue that retains the client’s interest. With in-app communication, all the communication takes place in one place, and this makes it easier to keep track of what was discussed. Phone calls and emails are difficult to keep track of and so, intra-application communication would help in keeping all the details in one place. Due to communication issues, there are communication gaps between agents and clients which can be lessened through messaging and chat tools through an application.

   7. Mortgage Calculator

Budget is another important factor apart from communication. Clients are comfortable with a property as per their specified price range and prefer added functionality such as a calculator that can help them estimate their monthly payments. When able to estimate their monthly payments, it is possible that clients will even go a bit out of their budget if they see a property they like and find they can manage the monthly payments for. Thus, by adding features and tools with functionality real estate app development can help not only clients but also the real estate agent in sealing deals.

   8. Feedback & Reviews

Feedback and reviews are ideal in providing clients with an idea of how the properties impressed other people in the same shoes as well as providing feedback on the agent’s performance. Reviews and feedback are reassuring to the buyer as they do not consider it with the same suspicion as they would attribute to the sales pitch. Furthermore, by allowing users to leave reviews they feel valued and singled out by the business as well as get to appreciate the transparency involved.

   9. Integration with MLS

Through integration with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), agents can access the latest property data and also market trends. This keeps them more informed and better prepared when presenting options to clients. Agents need to be aware of the best deals so that they can present the same and while research is integral, having a few easy pointers too helps along the way.

   10. Data Analytics

Real Estate App Features that Enhance Business

Through the use of data analytics, it becomes easier for agents to make more business-intelligent decisions as they can keep a better track of property trends and other key metrics including user behavior. Data thus used serves the dual purpose of providing agents with an idea of their performance as well as areas they should focus on as well as those that are delivering results.

Benefits of Using a Real Estate App for Property Search

Real Estate app development is beneficial in improving a client’s property search experience. However, it is important that the team of developers is first clear on the objective for the application so that your business can make the most of the features and functionality provided. At Sunflower Lab, we believe in a product vs. project mindset and so we partner with our clients from ideation to deployment and beyond. Knowing the why’s, pain points, user personas, and journey are what help in creating an unbeatable application experience Our real estate clients have told us time and again that by opting for digital transformation they have

  • Saves time and improved operational efficiency
  • Seen an increase in the number of prospective buyers
  • Been able to stay at par with the competition
  • Enhanced their business through improving the user experience of clients

While features and functionality are important, the user experience and user interface too are equally of value. Users appreciate applications that involve a smaller learning curve and are more intuitive in design by merging functionality and features with excellent UI and UX, you have a real estate app that will assist both your clients and agents, and this will indirectly help in boosting sales.

Examples of Successful Real Estate Applications

A Mobile Solution That Enhances Productivity, Efficiency & Communication

An on-the-go digital solution that connects real estate offices, agents, and clients for better communication & collaboration. It also allows the marketing of properties through social media with a business intelligents dashboard that gives agents information on the ROI.

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A Mobile Solution That Enhances Productivity, Efficiency & Communication
Improving Search Experience Through Voice Automated Search Functionality

Improving Search Experience Through Voice Automated Search Functionality

The Residential Real Estate Council has over 33,000 members who can now be easily voice searched through voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home. By voice automation users can filter search as per location, language, sectors, and even designations.

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Streamlining Property Search through Real Estate Applications

Real estate app development has redefined the way people search and market properties due to the features and functionality provided. By making the property search and follow-up process smoother, it is easier for businesses to enhance their profits due to the added accessibility that clients now have. With innovative solutions and a business specific approach, real estate app development has proved to be a game changer not only in the listing and searching process but in the notification and communication process as well.

Sunflower Lab has assisted in the digital transformation of clients across industries. Our clients in real estate have benefited from the improved collaboration, communication, and search features such applications provide. If you want to know how digital solutions can help in improving your business’ profits simply talk to our team of experts. Simply, contact our team today!