IONM companies have different billing requirements for each facility they work with. Most of the requirements concern when the purchase order (PO) requests and invoices must be sent—the frequency could be daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the facility. All patients can be group together in a single invoice, or sent individually. Hospital billers at the IONM companies must keep track of each hospital’s requirements and compliances. The problem is that all of this data is managed manually by hospital billers. Loads of effort and lots of valuable time are poured into these repetitive, boring tasks. This leads to burnout, inaccuracies, as well as wasted time and resources.


Robotic process automation can be implemented to solve this problem. Clerical work like PO requests and invoice management are the perfect candidates for automation because they are repetitive and rule-based. Software bots can be programmed to convert all PO requests to invoices per each hospital’s compliances. Then, invoices can be scheduled to automatically send daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever time requirement is necessary. These RPA software bots can work 24/7/365 without any breaks or errors.

automating invoices and po requests

Here’s how it works. Robotic process automation can be added as an additional layer on top of existing infrastructures and applications. RPA can be implemented at an individual level or an organizational level (click here for more on RPA adoption strategies). A step-by-step process module for the task to be automated is prepared by the managing individual. The actions specified in the process module can range from understanding what’s on a screen, completing the right keystrokes, navigating systems, identifying and extract data. It is at this time that the managing individual also includes logic based on each hospital’s schedules and compliances. Once the module is complete, you can turn your software bot loose to start completing its tasks!

automating invoices and po requests


Robotic process automation can have a quick and significant impact for hospital billers and IONM companies as a whole. Knowledge workers will be freed up to complete more valuable tasks like verifying PO requests and collecting payments. In turn, they will feel more fulfilled at work and have greater satisfaction. IONM companies will realize greater accuracy and higher compliances with PO requests and invoice management. They will also experience a fast return on their investment with the easy implementation process of RPA and software bots completing more tasks at a faster rate than human employees.

Automated PO Requests and Invoices


IONM companies work with many different hospitals, so keeping compliances and schedules straight can be a nightmare for billers. Manually managing PO requests and invoices can lead to employee burnout, errors, and wasted time. Introducing RPA to automatically manage these tasks can increase employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, and productivity rates. RPA services are helping put the focus back on patient care for IONM companies.

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