RPA Use Case: Employee Expense Receipts Processing Workflow

Employee expense receipt management is the perfect process for RPA because it is logic based and redundant. Let’s look at an example.


Managing employee expense receipts is a tedious workflow for accounting departments. For each receipt they receive, they must do the following steps:

1. Reading new unread mails
2. Downloading the mail attachment
3. Create subfolder based on employee name and date
4. Pasting the attachment and respective folder from Download folder

This process is then repeated each time a new expense receipt is submitted. This process is both boring and inefficient. An emailed receipt could get buried in an inbox, creating confusion between the accounts department and the employees at the end of the month. This repetitive workflow is also not a good use of knowledge workers’ time as they have other skills that could contribute more value to the company.


Accounting and HR departments need a solution that will help them complete this long and boring process in a more time- and cost-effective way. Robotic process automation is the use of software bots to replace humans in boring, repetitive workflows. Employee expense receipt management is the perfect process for RPA because it is logic based and redundant. Robotic process automation can be added as an additional layer on top of existing infrastructures and applications, making the implementation process quick and easy.

Here’s how it works: A step-by-step process module for the task to be automated is prepared by the managing individual. The actions specified in the process module range from opening emails, downloading attachments, creating and naming folders, and storing each attachment with its corresponding folder.

RPA Use Case employee expense receipt


Thanks to RPA, managing employee expense receipts will be faster, cheaper, more accurate, more rewarding for employees, and more productive for the company as a whole. Expense receipts can be recorded and reimbursement can be distributed at a faster rate by software bots. Automating this process will save the company money over time as they are not paying knowledge workers to complete the tasks. Without human error, the employee expense receipts workflow will also be error-free. Knowledge workers in the accounting and HR departments will be freed up to complete do more important work like dealing with humans and managing money. And the new digital workforce will generate higher productivity for the company as a whole.

Benefits of RPA for Employee Expense Receipts


Knowledge workers have a lot of value to offer their companies but unfortunately, modern workplaces do not put them in a position to perform at their full potential. Instead, they are tasked with mundane jobs that lead to burnout and boredom. Not only does this cause employees to leave their positions for more challenging opportunities, but it is a massive waste of resources for the company. This is the perfect situation for RPA services. Software bots can complete the employee expense receipt processing workflow quickly, easily, and accurately. Knowledge workers will then be free to complete more creative and decision-driven tasks to add more value to the company. The organization will realize rapid ROI from the RPA bots and provide its customers better service from the now-available knowledge workers. For the customers and the companies who use RPA for employee expense receipts, it is a win-win.

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Employee expense receipt management is the perfect process for RPA because it is logic based and redundant. Let’s look at an example.