As per a survey by The Economist, by the year 2020, there will be around 20 billion mobile devices. And, currently, there are almost 2 million apps on Google Play and iTunes store. So it’s already high time businesses start to consider getting a mobile app development service or develop a mobile app by themselves. At times it becomes difficult for small businesses to develop and sustain mobile apps because of the time & investment demanded building such apps. But, mobile apps can bring sustainability to the business and increase revenue as well as customer reach. Mobile app development services help in the digital transformation of business. Having a mobile app helps the business in generating additional sales while reducing the cost of servicing the customers, reducing the market cost, personalizing the content and broadening the market coverage is advantageous. Mobile app development service will also help in increasing employee productivity & efficiency. Thus, resulting in the company’s increased goodwill and digital presence in the market.

Mobile apps are very important because they have revolutionized the way business is done today. Large and small-scale businesses will equally require the mobile app development services to build mobile apps and stay in the competition. We at Sunflower Lab provide mobile app development services to build customized mobile apps tailored as per your needs. Our engineers are fast learners and early adopters with extensive knowledge in various languages and experience ranging from Native to Hybrid technologies. We’ve provided tailored mobile apps for various industries ranging from finance, e-commerce, real estate, and from event management to healthcare and many more verticals. Apart from designing and building the apps, we also help our customers in branding as well as support & maintenance activities so that they can stay upgraded and competitive in their own areas of business. Mobile app development for small businesses has various benefits, some of which are listed below:

Increased sales & revenue

Mobile users have their devices with them all the time which encourages repeat orders as well as impulsive buying at times. Using a mobile app is more convenient than visiting the website which helps customers in making speedy buying decisions. The app will also help decrease the company’s marketing cost as compared to cost incurred on traditional marketing because push notification services can be used for marketing within the app to announce a new product launch or an offer or discount. Moreover, with the advent of chatbots, companies can also use these chatbots for customer support to resolve basic queries and use customer care staff only where it is inevitable. This will result in the reallocation of such staff to more productive activities. Hence, the introduction of a mobile app will definitely result in increased sales and revenue for the business.Increased sales & revenue

Visibility at all times to customers

Because an app is installed in the user’s device it provides your business with a constant presence thus allowing the user to easily access all the necessary information about your business. This provides an increased visibility and brand recognition to your business which is beneficial in increasing the overall visibility in the market and increase in goodwill of your brand.

Acts as a direct marketing channel

Apps can be of various types that serve different purposes which range from providing general information to news feeds, chat messengers to e-commerce apps. So push notifications can be used for direct interaction with customers and to let them know about offers, promotions, the events happening around them, new product launches, services offered, reminders about events or location of your business or store etc. Thus such apps act as a direct marketing channel for your business saving marketing cost as compared to traditional marketing tools. Such type of direct marketing helps the business in increasing brand recognition and building goodwill. It also helps in value addition and bringing the customer delight factor for their customers by improving customer reach & engagement through such push notifications because the customers’ preferences can be known easily by gathering the data about likes and dislikes of the customers.

Personalized content

It’s good to know your customers’ preferences. Various kinds of surveys and feedback will help a business in knowing customer preferences. Once you know them, you can offer personalized content to your customers with push notifications or advertisements, so as to increase their interest in your products or services as well as increase your sales.

Customer retention and loyalty

In times of digital media, when customers are being bombarded with paid promotions, billboards, roadside banners, Facebook & Instagram adverts, the impact of advertisement gets lost on a customer. So in such times, connecting with your customers genuinely and sincerely will make a lot of difference. Let your customers know you care for them and are ready to hear what they have to say. You’re okay receiving negative feedbacks and are ready to work on such feedbacks by improving where you lack. This will help your business in customer retention and increase customer loyalty because you’re just a click away for them when it comes to accessibility.


We at Sunflower Lab provide mobile app development services and solutions tailored to customer needs. The app development cycle starts from requirement gathering so as to know the customer’s needs which gradually leads to other phases viz., planning, analysis, design, launch or implementation, testing & integration and finally support & maintenance. Over and above the standard app development cycle being followed by us, we help our customers in branding and also provide them with business insights if necessary. Small businesses should be encouraged to build mobile apps as they can attract new customers, gain competitive advantage and increase sales. Moreover, due to increased visibility with the app, there is an increase in brand recognition and customer loyalty. With mobile apps, it becomes easy for businesses to directly reach their customers and vice versa. This helps businesses gain feedbacks, both positive and negative about their work. This gives the business a chance to improve in the areas where they lack and highlight areas where they’re already the best. This results in improved goodwill which helps the business gain sustainability and a competitive edge in today’s cut-throat competition.

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