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Claygoo With the Vision of Creating Jobs for Cleaning Workforce

Claygoo – or Clean as You Go – is an Ohio-based organization specializing in finding jobs for the cleaning industry. With Claygoo cleaners like sweepers, maids, washers, janitors and other roles can find jobs on the app. Job creators can create jobs and job seekers can find jobs based on their preferences. The app Claygoo designed by the company primarily targets cleaners for cleaning homes, theaters, schools, stadiums, offices, etc.

The app is not restricted to any industry – job creators from manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, retail, education, and other industries can create a job for cleaners. Jobs are based on a fixed price which is paid by the creator and – the seeker with minimum bid bags the job.


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Technologies & Integration

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How the App Addressed Pain-Points
and Made Cleaning Jobs Within Reach!

Not only can the application helps in simply creating and seeking job, but so much more.

Job Seeker

Job seekers can look for a job based on industry within a certain radius, for instance, if they are looking for a job based on 10 miles within their location. Also, they can bid for the job – the minimum bid bags the job. Alternatively, the seeker can look for jobs based on the city they prefer, job name, or job description. The seeker can also apply for jobs based on their skills and interests and make offers on a job to negotiate. Claygoo gives you job recommendations as well based on your search history or preferences.

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Job Creator

Job creators can create jobs based on their preferences and mention the maximum budget they are willing to pay for the job. They can also upload pictures of the place or location for which they are hiring to help seekers make informed choices. Job seekers need to specify the shift they are looking for – whether it’s morning, evening, or night. They can also track the status of a job – if it is open, completed, or canceled. Creators can also, get notified if a seeker makes a bid. Job creators can also receive multiple best offers made on their jobs globally.

Bid Listing

The bid listing allows both the job creator and seeker to create a maximum bid amount. Various seekers make a bid based on the minimum amount they are willing to receive in the job. If after the negotiation the creator and seeker agree on the terms and conditions they can continue with the offer or else the seeker can simply reject it. The job is fixed price and does not support hourly-based payment. In case both agree to work together, the seeker is paid in cash after the job finishes. However, in the coming future Claygoo aims to incorporate payment gateways and take a tiny share of the payment made.

Bid Listing

See Job History

The job creator and seeker both can have a look at their profile and view their activity history. They can view their chats, job applications, job rejections, jobs created, bids received, how much the creator paid for a certain job, etc. Job creators and seekers can both look at their activities in a certain date range. Creators can check which job has been assigned and which is still open for bid and final hire.

See Job History


Creators can receive notifications when a seeker makes a bid, accepts their job, completes the job, or sends them a message. The notification can also be sent on the mobile of the user as a push notification so that they are always informed without actually opening the app every time. However, to makes thing easier the user can also open the app and check if they have received any notification on thier jobs or other significant details.



The application is designed to be accessible both by job seekers and creators. In case a user is new to the app they can sign up. Signing up is a simple process by providing details like first name, last name, address, phone number, etc.  Similarly, login is done with 3rd party integration like Twilio, email verification, and OTP-based login and registration. The users can provide a brief bio about themselves. With the same login for creator and seeker, users can interchange roles depending on whether they are looking for a job or creating a job.

One-on-One Chat

Once the interest is shown by both the creator and seeker, the application allows them to use the chat feature where they can interact to discuss job details. The chat details are available for the users for a lifetime so that they can refer to them later. Claygoo application is secure keeping your chat details, negotiation status, personal information, and notifications of new chat messages confidential.

Sunflower Lab worked beyond the estimated project completion time of 3 months and delivered a fully functional app and website in just 1.5 months.

We delivered a smooth functioning MVP targeting a user base of 100-1000 users and looking forward to scaling it in the future. The app successfully serves job creators and seekers and offers multiple features allowing even first-time users to easily navigate in it. Creators can post a job based on preferences and seekers can look for jobs based on their criteria. With a strong emphasis on security, all your details remain confidential and available only to respective users. The quick tracking feature allows users to stay updated on the process like – new bids, job postings, recommended jobs, job completion, and more. With a consensus, the job creator and seeker can start a job and make cash payments.

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We move through these phases in an agile environment to accommodate your requirement on the go.

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