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BlockTrack by Rubix Solutions approached Sunflower Lab with a unique business challenge: Create a government-compliant SaaS platform that can securely provide asset management for government contractors.
These contractors must manage the full lifecycle of each asset, including what each asset is and where it resides. Multiple characteristics must be tracked for each asset including description, barcode, usage, location, building, project, and cost. There is also additional information that must be tracked such as loss or damage of assets and disposal of assets. Tracking and reporting this information is difficult and time-consuming at best.
BlockTrack also wanted to build this asset-tracking system on top of the blockchain protocol so each asset could be tracked and uniquely tagged with the high-security standards of a distributed ledger system.

By creating a government-compliant platform built on top of the blockchain, BlockTrack empowers DoD contractors to save considerable time managing their assets seamlessly and securely.
Government-Compliant SaaS Mobile and Web Platform

Sunflower Lab closely worked with Rubix Solutions to arrive at a careful understanding of customized, government-compliant regulatory workflows. One particular key issue identified was when contractors had to do physical inventories for assets in remote locations, such as Alaska or Guam. In such cases, one inventory-tracking trip could cost a few thousand dollars.

The primary task of the Sunflower Lab development team was to build a government compliance engine for contractors that could overhaul the process of physical inventory, asset acquisition, and tracking. 

Now, whenever government contractors must track assets, they can go to the web-based application. Here, they’re presented with an elegant and intuitive dashboard built with Java and Angular. Requisite information for contracts and records can be entered in either online or offline mode while all data records can be filtered and edited as needed. 

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Simple and Beautiful User Experience

Additionally, the complex segment of the property management lifecycle can be overseen and managed with separate fields allocated for asset acquisition, physical inventory, disposition initiation, status adjustment, contract transfer, and location adjustment. Upon data entry, all asset information is automatically tracked while government regulations and filing requirements for each particular asset are fulfilled. Relevant notifications and permission controls are assigned for each asset property.

Audit at a Glance

Business intelligence and data analytics highlight anomalies and pinpoint the data needed to accurately manage assets, reducing analysis time by 90%. BlockTrack evaluates clauses and data in your contracts while providing an audit snapshot to visualize contract compliance and performance for easy, effortless understanding.

Offline Mode

Sunflower Lab designed the application so users can enter, change, and track assets in offline mode in cases where no internet connection is available. In addition, the BlockTrack SaaS application follows the FedRAMP protocol as it relates to the adoption of cloud services for government agencies.

The Impact

The efforts of Sunflower Lab have helped BlockTrack develop an automated and secure compliance engine for government contractors that helps to save time and costs in managing and tracking the entire lifecycle of assets. The biggest value is that BlockTrack provides contractors with a government regulation filing compliance system built on top of a blockchain that potentially will help thousands of customers become compliant faster and at a reasonable cost.

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