“Thinking about the bot as a frontend representative of your product or service can make a lot of sense, and having a delightful bot that provides a useful service can generate strong attachment to your brand.” – Amir Shevat

Businesses are generally skeptical of joining forces with new technologies, but Chatbots and Voice bots’ success say otherwise. These bots have enhanced customer service and taken it to the next level with the integration of AI, ML and NLP. Now, customers can have a human-like interaction and solve their issues anywhere and anytime without relying on anyone.

In this digital era, people need quick solutions and the invention of chatbots made it true. In this blog, explore the history of chatbots and virtual assistants and how they help in making customer service easy, simple and quick.

Understanding Chatbots and Voice Bots

Chatbot and Voice bots are tools to engage with customers through conversational medium and solve their issues without any human interaction in between until and unless it is necessary. This helped in reducing the volume of phone calls, the FAQs and common issues.

Chatbots engage in conversation with the customers through messaging platforms or text-based interfaces. Users can simply text about their query and the chatbot would reply with a solution. Now, there are two types of chatbots – Flow and AI-based. Learn more about Chatbots and Virtual Assistant here.

Flow and AI-Chatbot

Flow Chatbot, also known as a rule-based chatbot, is designed to provide solutions within its trained parameters. While it can answer questions effectively, it may struggle with queries that don’t follow its established formats. On the other hand, Conversational AI-chatbot can understand and acknowledge the questions asked by the end users and provide a solution with the help of available data and patterns. AI-Chatbots can self-train themselves and deliver useful insights on the customer’s needs and requirements.

Powering up the Business

Powering up the Business

Chatbots and Voice Bots have indeed played a significant role in the growth and development of any business by improving the overall quality of customer service, streamlining different manual operations and analyzing data to give useful insights on the customers.

Thus, digital solutions can help in providing accessibility and information for potential clients. Real estate agents can benefit from the improved organization, communication, and collaboration facilities that are made available. Read on for a gist of how real estate applications streamline property search and their ten must-have essential features!

   1. AI-Customer Service

Chatbots and Voice bots enhance digital customer experience by providing 24/7 availability and support. Their quick response time to provide solutions increases customer interaction as well as their trust.

   2. Lead Generation

Earlier the ideation process was done by collecting the data manually and then generating an idea or updating the current features. The best part of AI chatbots and voice bots is that it can self-learn about the market needs, customer requirements and improve its performance based on the same. Its strong adaptability power helps to bring the best features and updates to the customers.

   3. Conduct Surveys

Chatbots and Voice bots help businesses by engaging customers in interactive conversation, taking feedback, and conducting surveys. This helps businesses gain insights and learn more about customer behavior and requirements.

   4. Data Analysis

AI chatbots and voice bots organize unstructured data to gain valuable insights into customers’ needs by creating their buying patterns and trends. This helps in better understanding the target audience to improve product or services.

   5. Track and Update Orders

Chatbots can provide real-time updates to customers’ queries that are related to tracking or the status of any shipment. With just a simple question about their concern, they will get each and every piece of information that they need to know. This eliminates the need for any human intervention, thus saving time and effort.

   6. Personalized Interaction

Chatbots and Voice bots have the ability to use the available data and provide products according to the customers’ preferences. They can provide targeted information and offer customized solutions that cater to the needs of the customers.

   7. Process Automation

Chatbots ensure the improvement in productivity and seamless flow of various internal processes. They can also automate repetitive tasks, provide information, and solve many other queries. Bots are a great way to grow your business, at the same time saving human efforts and time.

   8. Reduce Costs

Since the requirement for human interaction is less and only in the necessary case, the team requirement also minimizes. Though Chatbots and Voice bots don’t take away the job opportunities for customer service but create opportunities for people working with them side-by-side.

Hurdles to Overcome

No wins are worth it without a few challenges in the way. Adding chatbots and voice bots to a business operation can lead to some hurdles. Some of them are follows:

  • Natural Language Understanding

One of the biggest tasks is to ensure that your chatbot or voice bot is capable of understanding and interpreting the user inputs accurately. Even though the NLU algorithms are highly trained, there is always some scope of improvement.

  • Speech Recognition

Voice Assistant like Alexa, Siri, etc. use voice bots which relies on speech recognition to convert the spoken language into text. It is very necessary to have accurate speech recognition technology to understand the user inputs amidst the background noise, different accents, etc.

  • Multilingual Support

Training chatbots and voice bots to understand multiple languages accurately and providing a solution can be a little tricky and it requires extensive language-specific data and modeling.

  • Maintenance

To provide a high quality of user experience, bots are required to be continuously analyzed, monitored and improved. Proper maintenance is necessary to provide regular updates and enhancements for better services and customer satisfaction.

  • Contextual Understanding

Chatbots and voice bots are shaped in a way that they can understand and maintain the context of the conversation. It is a very complex task, especially while dealing with multi-turn conversations and thus it is a challenge to remember and accurately reply in relation to the conversation.

Future Of Customer Service

Future Of Customer Service

DoorDash is a leading Food Delivery Company in the USA which uses bots to automate tasks, streamline the orders and management process and make the workflow easy and simple. The bot helped in solving customer queries, which played a significant role in enhancing business growth.

We’ve come a long way from providing simple customer services to digital customer services. We have seen the rise of a simple rule-based chatbot to virtual assistants like Alexa, Google chatbot, Siri, Cortana, etc.

Here at Sunflower Lab, we’ve helped many companies change the course of their customer satisfaction journey by providing many solutions to escalate their digital customer interaction. One such example is of ModoScript, where we created software to ease customers from remembering or recording their medical statistics. Patients need not come to the hospital and take tests; everything is done remotely through AI and IoT.

A Virtual Goodbye!

Chatbots, Voice Bots and Virtual Assistants have revolutionized customer interaction in this digital era by providing the best customer experience and satisfaction. However, bots won’t be able to replace the human requirement but will be able to reduce the human workload. People get bored with things very quickly and thus constant innovation and advancement with the coming of new technologies is important. Learning to work side-by-side gives you a competitive advantage over others.

If you have an idea, then give us an opportunity to make it your virtual reality. Contact Us at Sunflower Lab, our team of experts will be very pleased to talk and discuss with you if you have any queries.