DevOps highlights the collaboration of both software developers and other IT professionals—while automating the software delivery process. To keep their competitive edge, organizations need to take a continuous delivery approach. Automation and monitoring technologies can further DevOps and continuous delivery goals. DevOps practices are Sunflower Lab’s fundamental principal. We employ a DevOps approach for all internal and client applications.

DevOps is a key strategy that transforms IT into business flexibility. Automate the development to production deployment to meet the demanding delivery requirement. We will guide you on implementing infrastructure and application automation that benefits your business by releasing your IT and operations teams from monotonous, time intensive jobs and enabling them to concentrate on business critical tasks.

We use DevOps best practices and automation tools such as Infrastructure as code, Continuous Integration (with Jenkins & TeamCity), Automated Deployment tools like Chef & Puppet in addition to AWS native services like CodeDeploy, Opsworks, and Elastic Beanstalk.

Why does your Business need Automation?

  • To free up your software development and IT operation team from monotonous tasks
  • To ease application testing and deployment
  • To offer a clearer view of progress for your business user
  • To reduce the risk of human error on critical tasks like infrastructure and application deployment

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