Cloud Infrastructure and Application Management

Using our cloud services, you can take your business from its existing infrastructure to the cloud environment. Through our partnership with Amazon Web Services we will integrate your business with new cloud technologies to ensure your clients have the best possible experience.

Our migration approach identifies the core principles within your current application and redefines them for optimization in the cloud environment. First, we audit and analyze your old hosting environment. Using this information, we prepare a roadmap for a seamless transition to the new cloud environment. We then prepare the architectural design for your network and which cloud services will best fit your business needs. Our next step is automating the cloud infrastructure, with the aid of technologies such as Cloud Formation, Chef, and Docker. Before initiating the move we test for scalability and disaster recovery. Finally, we make the move and update your old infrastructure to the new cloud environment.

Making the jump to the cloud environment will improve the accessibility of your service but we want to ensure your team understands how to manage the new cloud service effectively. Therefore, we provide complete infrastructure documentation and provide ongoing management services so your team gets the most out of the new cloud environment.

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