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Our Proven Excellence in Data Warehousing for Your Data-Driven World

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Our expertise in data warehousing talks about our mastery of the art and science of efficiently managing, storing, and organizing large volumes of data. With an in-depth grasp of data modeling techniques, ETL processes, and advanced analytics, we excel in creating robust data warehouse solutions that position organizations to make data-driven decisions with reliance.

Our Proven Excellence in Data Warehousing for Your Data-Driven World

Our expertise in data warehousing talks about our mastery of the art and science of efficiently managing, storing, and organizing large volumes of data. With an in-depth grasp of data modeling techniques, ETL processes, and advanced analytics, we excel in creating robust data warehouse solutions that position organizations to make data-driven decisions with reliance.



Databricks is an industry leader with over 1200+ partners globally catering to data, analytics and AI solutions. In addition to these services, it also serves our joint customers using the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. We are an esteemed partner of Databricks empowering us in data warehousing services using its data lake.

Our Data Warehousing Services

Our Data Warehousing Services Enable You to Visualize All Your Data Visually

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Extract Transform Load (ETL) is a subset of data transformation where the data is first cleansed from multiple resources and then loaded in the data warehouse. On the other hand, Extract Load Transform is the process where we first load the data from various central points and then clean it for analysis. Our team of architects provides services for both techniques with the ability to make pivotal decisions.

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Data Warehousing Design and Architecture

The are various architectures in an organization viz. simple, simple with staging, hub and spoke, and sandboxes. Our consultants and experts assess your organization’s data needs carefully and design an architecture that meets the company’s requirements thoroughly. This comprises steps like data analysis, integration, storage, and transformation. By complying with these norms, we deliver a fully functional data warehouse to you.

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Data Integration

We help in integration from various channels to cleanse, format, and store your data. These channels comprise spreadsheets, databases, applications, and external data feeds which are consolidated into a central data warehouse.

Data Standard and Governance

The accuracy and quality of data is of utmost significance. Data warehousing services chiefly involve data governance which reinforces the quality of data that’s being fed into the warehouse. In case the data does not meet the quality standard, it is cleansed and made ready to comply with data analytics norms.

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Data Security Services

We strongly advocate data security and understand that when availing data warehouse services, you perceive that we adhere to these security norms. For instance, when you provide us with sensitive data, we comply with GDPR or HIPAA standards to keep your data confidential and synonymous.

Data Warehousing Arenas

While availing our data warehousing services, we allow you to choose from a range of platforms viz. Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, or other tailored solutions. You can select a range of these platforms and enlighten us about any other platform you prefer.


Data Migration Services

In case you are seeking data migration services where you want to migrate from an existing data warehouse to another one you may contact us. Our team of seasoned experts allows you to move to new platforms or architecture that best suits your business goals.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Cloud Data Warehouse

Working with state-of-the-art tools and technologies, we enable data warehousing services to cloud hosting on platforms like AWS, Azure, GCP or any other preferred location.

Are you planning to migrate your data warehouse to the cloud? You’re in the right place!

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ZinniaX IONM rpa consulting service

Healthcare product with the power of Database Management

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With comprehensive insights into services like database management, data warehousing, analytics, claim management, and alignment of EMRs we enable monitoring the patient history via accurate diagnosis and healthcare management.

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Data Analytics Redefining Healthcare

On-cloud data warehousing to counteract issues with legacy systems by using the capacity of cloud computing, computer virtualization, and AI. Olah platform allows you to largely lower the cost and disruption of archiving legacy systems for you to function smoother and faster.

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Let’s Develop a Seamless Data Warehouse Architecture for You

Data Warehouse Architecture is a structured design that is made up of three tiers – bottom tier (storage layer), middle tier (compute layer), and bottom tier (services layer). It outlines how data is sourced from origins like CRMs, ERPs, unstructured files, third-party APIs, and more such sources. A meticulously designed data warehouse architecture is instrumental for intelligent data analysis leveraging this data for BI and decision-making processes. Our honed team transforms data from staging areas where data is collected before it’s transformed and loaded into the data warehouse. After staging, we move the data to data warehouse database and then to the servers.

Data Warehouse has seamlessly moved from an operational system of broad analytics infrastructure to AI/ML. This evolution shows how much advancement there has been from a complex infrastructure where data was ingested merely for reporting and analytics to detecting patterns and forecasting keeping these patterns in hindsight. We have incorporated this trend into our strategy for predictive analysis and data mining using advanced algorithms. As AI/ML grows to influence every technology and industry, data warehousing services are not wary of it. With the expansion of big data, there has been an upscale of data warehouse requirements and abilities.

With a cloud data warehouse, we ingest data from various resources into a singular repository. Originally the data warehouse was placed on the on-premises system which implied – that data governance, security, and latency were sound and there was quick management of data. However, this system came with its own cons – there was limited elasticity and required a complex system for predictive analysis. As we enable you to move to cloud data warehouse on platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP we have optimized mobility. Since most of these systems are fully managed, they enable you to make advancements easily and follow the pay-as-you-go model, being cost-effective.

As we come on the advent to design your data warehouse, we brainstorm with you to chalk out the scope of the project. Thereby, we enable designing both logical and physical elements for data warehouses and identify data sources like – spreadsheets, databases, applications, APIs, and more. Henceforth, we identify data modeling techniques such as snowflake schema, hybrid approach, or other suited techniques. Our team follows ETL techniques to ingest data in the systems and consolidates QA techniques to look out for any inconsistencies. As we complete the development cycle, we assess the system with query and reporting tools and iterative refinements to streamline any irregularity.

Data Warehousing Services for Electric Holding Company

Data Warehousing Services for Electric Holding Company

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The energy trading systems for various sub-markets in the organization were not consolidated, leading to disparate fragmented systems for identifying processes and risk management. The vendor designed a web-based risk reporting portal where the firm could visualize its data centrally and become strategize with informed decision-making.

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Data Warehousing Benefits


Hub of Data

The data from various sources are synced in a central repository thus making data analytics via BI tools or making predictive analysis seamless.


Enhanced Data Quality

Since ETL/ELT techniques are applied to the data, this ensures that data is augmented to be in a clean form. This makes data analysis quicker and removes any anomalies and errors.


Data-Driven Decision Making

Since a pool of historical data is stored in data warehouse, this empowers you to make predictive analysis and strategize keeping the emerging trends in account.


Enhanced Business Analytics

Make reports, dashboards, and visualizations quickly with improved analytics increasing business intelligence with BI tools.


Resolve Complex Queries

Data warehousing works with advanced SQL queries, enabling cutting-edge analytics, ad-hoc reporting, and data analytics.

Cloud Data Warehouse for Education Company

The data about the Education industry organization’s KPI was rather scattered and needed to be streamlined to make decisions. The key decision makers of the firm worked with a range of data warehouse BI providers to view their system and settle down on how they could connect their existing finance, student record, HR, and estate systems in a data warehouse that could work independently with a heightened ROI.

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Request demo icon USE CASE - Education  

Cloud Data Warehouse for Education Company

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Data from multiple disparate systems can be sourced and structured in the data warehouse. These data may be financial data, healthcare data, customer data, educational reports and more.

Data warehousing services range from small organizations to SMBs to enterprises. Given its ability to be deployed on the cloud gives it the power to adopt a pay-as-you-go model.

On-premises data warehouse requires hardware and regular audits while cloud data warehouse is deployed on the cloud making it hardware independent.

Data warehouse is of utmost security with security measures like encryption, access control, and certifications to reinstate security norms.

Yes, it is possible to integrate the existing system with a data warehouse using common business tools and applications.

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