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People opt for a Node.JS application development company as Node.JS brings with it a powerful JavaScript runtime environment as dynamic as your application needs! Many of our clients have found Node.JS to be an ideal solution due to its flexibility. Our team of experts at Sunflower Lab, have completed several successful projects in Node.JS development services.

Fast, Scalable, Versatile & Robust

People opt for a Node.JS application development company as Node.JS brings with it a powerful JavaScript runtime environment as dynamic as your application needs! Many of our clients have found Node.JS to be an ideal solution due to its flexibility. Our team of experts at Sunflower Lab, have completed several successful projects in Node.JS development services.

Faster App Development

Multi-tasking applications that can perform a score of operations concurrently are the rage. We have experts proficient in Node.JS, Next.JS, Nest & Stapi.

Scalability + Performance

Node.JS’ scalability has made it popular with developers. Scalability gives the product owner more control. We believe in creating digital products & services as per client need.

Light But Efficient

Light apps are faster, take less data and more efficient. Our team brings in an added edge of excellent understanding in Unit, API & Integration testing

Flexibility As Needed

Node.JS gives developers free rein. We have an on-demand team of 40+ Node.JS developers so you need not worry about finding a Node.JS development company USA.

Why Opt For Node.JS Development Services?

Faster Data Streaming

Multi-tasking applications that can perform a score of operations concurrently are the rage. We have experts proficient in cross platform compatibility.


As a reputed Node.JS application development company, we ensure a cluster model for better load balance handling.

Quick To Develop

JavaScript can be used for the frontend and backend reducing the time, effort and number of developers required.


Custom Node.JS development USA is popular as is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, & mobile platforms.

Power packed Engine

Node.JS boosts a V8 engine that is perfect for servers and products based on machine language.

Global Community

Node.JS developers in the USA benefit from its extensive community which provides it with a ready support base.

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What We & Node.JS Excel At

Being a part of the top Node.JS development companies in USA, at Sunflower Lab, we provide full service to our clients from ideation to scale & support

Brainstorming & Ideation

Clearing the ‘whys’ behind the product development, target market and existing competitors.

Objective Based Prototypes

Charting the user personas and creating prototypes for better understanding of the application.

Design & Development

Creating a design and sharing it with the team and stakeholders & receiving feedback on the same.

Testing & Quality Checks

Concept development & testing of the front-end and test marketing is an integral part of the process.

Deployment & Scaling

Once the product is in the market if there is any upgradation or future need of scalability.

Ongoing Support

We are one of the most reputed in custom Node.JS development USA as we ensure to be with our clients throughout the lifecycle of their product.

Experience The Node.JS Advantage

Just like Walmart, GoDaddy, Netflix, PayPal, and LinkedIn have! A Node.JS application development company will provide you the speed, stability, and performance of the masters.

Node.JS has proven its efficiency in improving the running of online payment systems like PayPal. It can help make payments faster while at the same time providing scalability and security. The reason most people want to hire Node.JS developers USA is that Node.JS is ideal for a high volume of data or transactions.

Furthermore, Node.JS is easy to scale with the addition of extra servers that can facilitate the management of variations in traffic. Product owners prefer a Node.JS app development company USA because Node.JS is compatible across platforms, good at handling real-time data and has a vast library for easy integration.

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Video streaming requires strong real-time data processing which is a definite possibility when using Node.JS. Thus, streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu prefer it as they have vast volumes of streaming requests to tackle daily. At the same time, Node.JS also complies with the speed in data streaming and offers scalability as well.

Also, Node.JS development services in USA are popular because you do not require separate back-end and front-end teams. Node.JS provides a huge ecosystem that developers can tap into for more functionality and features so that they don’t need to have everything written from scratch. This saves time while also making the process easier for the development team.

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When it comes to social media and sites like LinkedIn, Node.JS is preferred due to its ability to provide high performance and scalability. Its popularity and simplicity make it ideal for developers as they can use existing code and build on that while also getting ready new features or services faster.

Node.JS developers in the USA are partial to it as not only is it easier for developers to work on but due to its scalability, it is especially suited to social media applications. For instance, a social media platform would receive vast volumes of requests. Here, Node.JS is ideal as it can manage these spikes in traffic without the need of an addition to resources or the present hardware.

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The versatility and the powerful interface that Node.JS offers are what have made it a popular favorite with developers. Google Docs which is a collaborative editing tool also uses Node.JS and so does Slack. Both these are similar as multiple users use the interface and are able to collaborate and communicate without refreshing the page in the real-time. Node.JS is flexible and scalable which is a winning formula for such applications.

In these applications, real-time communication is integral without the need to poll or refresh. Node.JS has built-in support through HTTP/2 and WebSockets which allows developers to create such interfaces. If you are looking to hire a Node.JS development company, Sunflower Lab is the ideal Digital Solutions provider & has over 15 years of experience across the USA. We work as an extended team & partner and can also provide on-demand product teams.

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Ecommerce is very dynamic and intensive. Scalability is paramount and thus, it is no surprise that Walmart and Ebay both turned to Node.JS as a solution. Node.JS has unique real-time data processing capabilities plus a large ecosystem of various third-party-based modules. It allows ser-side rendering with a microservices architecture.

Microservice architecture is commonly used to build e-commerce platforms as various services are developed as well as deployed separately. Node.JS is perfect for this as developers get the freedom of building small and single-purpose related services that can be easily scaled & deployed. If you are on the look-out for a Node.JS development company USA, Sunflower Lab can prove to be the ideal digital solutions provider. Our team of experts have created several products in Node.JS and provide online support even after deployment of the product.

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Hosting websites like Go Daddy, require lightweight runtime and that is possible through Node.JS as it does not need as many system resources as frameworks of other applications do. Apart from that the speed & scalability have always set it apart which is why many of our clients to prefer the same. With over 150+ experts on board, Sunflower Lab is considered a reputed Node.JS development company in USA.

Because of its I/O non-blocking model, the server is able to process several requests at the same time without the wait time involved in the completion of the previous request. Therefore, Node.JS provides just what web hosting platforms require: speed, scalability, and cost efficiency.

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Rubix Solutions’ Achieves 100% Government Compliance On SaaS Platform

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BlockTrack is a blockchain asset tracking & management platform for which Sunflower Lab had created a government-compliant SaaS platform for asset management.

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Residential Real Estate Council Uses Smart Assistants For Improved User Search Experience

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Made possible user search of 33,000 agents through natural language for the Residential Real Estate Council (Chicago).

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Storage Rentals Of America Increases Revenue By 105% With Contactless Rental Application App

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Seeing clients demanding more smartphone-based and contactless services post the pandemic, SROA responded by revamping their rental application by partnering with Sunflower Lab.

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Globally Acclaimed Innovative & Eco-Friendly Storopack Has Improved It's Efficiency

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After partnering with Sunflower Lab their marketing team can now reach prospective clients better and get product updates faster while collaboration with their sales team is easier!

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Teams & Achievements

If you want to hire Node JS developers in the USA look no further than Sunflower Lab as we have the experts & the experience. We provide our clients with tailored digital solutions.


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Know More About Node.JS Development Services

Previously PHP or Ruby on Rails were preferred server-side languages. However, though Node.JS is fairly new, it has managed to make quite a sensation due to its versatility, architecture and programming model. Node.JS has a V8 engine (the one built for Chrome) and supports JavaScript making it a favorite with developers. Apart from this, Node.JS development services are now preferred because additional features as listed:

  • Multi-tasking – Being event driven, it is able to take on multiple requests without blocking them. This feature makes it highly scalable.
  • Asynchronous – Due to the asynchronous programming it is possible for Node.JS to continue on processing new requests while waiting for the completion of the initial responses.
  • Language – Due to the same language being used in the front-end & back-end it makes it easier for developers to share codes. This leads to faster development of new services.
  • Community – Though comparatively new, it boasts of a large community. Thus, there are many libraries as well as modules that are available to speed things up.

Node.JS can make applications more scalable and high performance. However, being comparatively new it is not easy to find experts in custom Node JS development in USA. Our team at Sunflower Lab has experience of over 15+ across platforms. We would be glad to discuss your project with you and assure you that your ideas are safely protected under a non-disclosure agreement.

We follow best practices for our Node.JS development services. Our team of experts have over 15 years of experience and have successfully completed more than 100 projects. They follow proven techniques so that applications created are both scalable and secure. Also, our team ensures adequate testing is done especially for loads so that the end application is able to easily handle traffic and data even when there is a spike.

Proper structured testing ensures that bugs, glitches and potential security threats are zeroed in on during the application’s development stage. Also, after deployment we provide ongoing support and maintenance so that the application remains up to date. If you are looking for a Node.JS development agency USA, we can be of assistance. Sunflower Lab is a reputed digital Solutions provider across the US.

We would love to discuss your project and assure you that whatever ideas you share are secure under a non-disclosure agreement. Or if you are unsure whether Node.JS will really work for your application, you could discuss the same with our team of experts. They will guide you to the best digital solution.

Our team of experts ensure that applications are properly load tested as testing is an integral process. In order to ensure scalability, they apply various methods like asynchronous programming, caching & clustering. Apart from this, there are other tried and tested techniques as well which they draw from their knowledge pool. Our Sunflower Lab, experts in Node.JS development services, have completed over a hundred projects and so are conversant with how to best improve scalability in Node.JS.

Node.JS due to its scalability, can be used to build a vast range of applications like:

  • APIs
  • Real-time Chat applications
  • Web Applications
  • Streaming Applications
  • IoT Applications
  • Single Page Applications APIs
  • Command-line Tools

Since Node.JS can be scaled horizontally it is possible to incorporate additional servers when traffic increases and also have support that is built-in for clustering. These built-in features help developers in making applications faster, better and more able to cope with demanding traffic. Furthermore, due to load testing during development, scalability should not be an issue later. Also, our development team can work on enhancing the same as the demand for the application or product increases.

Ongoing support is integral for the smooth running of an application. Our team at Sunflower Lab provides full service to clients from ideation and scalability to support. Post deployment the application needs to be kept up to date and the latest security related patches also need to be installed. Our experienced team of experts follow all the best practices towards the proper maintenance of an application.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is integral for feedback and to identify hold-ups. Furthermore, continuous monitoring helps to nip problem areas in the bud. Automated testing is another important element that forms the part of a product’s lifecycle. Testing is essential to quality assurance and so by automated tests one can spot issues before they are made apparent to users. To this end, integration and unit tests are applied to name a few.

Security also is part and parcel of this process. Potential security breaches are identified and rectified while encryption, HTTPS and etc. are part of the best practices followed. Future scalability requirements are also monitored via analysis of usage. Thus, our team of experts offers the best Node JS Development Services which is why Sunflower Lab is known as a reputed digital service provider across the US.

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