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Partnership-Microsoft + databricks

Sunflower Lab has achieved a significant milestone by becoming a recognized consulting partner by Microsoft and with Azure Databricks, a leading analytics and machine learning platform. This collaboration combines advanced analytics with Azure Power BI for data-driven decision-making, operational efficiency, and improved competitiveness, fueling business growth and success.

A Leader in Power BI Services

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Take a leap to the future by collaborating your business with the superior Power BI Consulting Services. Our expertise in Power BI services is acclaimed by leading ventures as Business Intelligence managed services are highly recommended for enhanced productivity currently.

A Leader in Power BI Services

Take a leap to the future by collaborating your business with the superior Power BI Consulting Services. Our expertise in Power BI services is acclaimed by leading ventures as Business Intelligence managed services are highly recommended for enhanced productivity currently.

What is Power BI Consultancy?

A Power BI Consultant will be your go-to advisor for all your Power BI needs & demands. A team will start developing a BI strategy that takes into consideration identifying and integrating all of your data sources before even thinking about the design of your first Power BI dashboard.

Into a Smarter Power BI Implementation

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Data visualization

Power BI Dashboard Design

Power BI implementation means that your outlook of your business presentation will be upgraded with aesthetic dashboards and designs.


Report Optimization

Get your business data reports optimized with Power BI, our experts will guide you on the best strategies and decisions on how to achieve this

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Data Modelling & Transformation

Our Power BI consulting will enable you to create logical relationships among data tables, Power BI detects similar data on its own for merging.

Java application upgrade and support

Custom Visual Development

As the power of data visualization is in your palms with Power BI, also get custom visual development which can be downloaded into the system by developer to use in the reports.

Java enterprise application development

Get the best Power BI implementation with constant support and essential training for your business personnel. This would ease the BI understanding and provide further boost to your business operations.

Sunflower Lab has achieved across various industries

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Data & BI Consultancy in Pipe & Storm Chamber Company for Power BI Reporting

A product for improving the organization of data, for which we developed a pipeline using Synapse Analytics to migrate data from an on-site data server to a data lake on a regular basis before integrating that data in Power BI reports to improve their overall company operations.

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Request demo icon Case Study - PCP Company, LLC

Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company, LLC

Making the Right Collaborations

There are many factors which you should keep in mind while choosing your Power BI consulting to implement Industry-specific Power BI Solutions


Your Power BI service provider should have important and critical certifications which will ensure the work quality and originality.

Work Attitude

Your attention should be on a consultant who is trustworthy, accountable, dependable, and open to feedback at all times.


The digital product reviews matter a lot as they show their real-time progression regarding work quality and client services.

Work Profile

You can create a list of the details you want to learn about your provider’s work history, such as the complexity of dashboards, the standard of the data, the source of the data, etc.


To make it simple to outline your target audience, provide access to data, and explain the dashboard or your expectations, you and your collaborator must be agreeable in many things

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Power BI Reporting Services

Embedding Power BI into Energy Industry

Request demo icon Use Case – Energy Providers

Get Integrated meter inventory, reading and customer billing with Power BI Implementation. Additionally, analyze meter flags and suspicious usage patterns.

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Enhancing Fast Moving Retail with Power BI

Industry specific Power BI solutions include retail too, these include inventory updates, create stock reports, derive insights for better cashflow and get warehouse & seller updates too.

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Request demo icon Use Case - Retail

Retail Performance Analytics
Improve patient outcomes, optimize resources and increase compliance with data lake solution

Getting more Intelligent Care with Power BI

Request demo icon Use Case – Healthcare

With Power BI services, you receive many possible upgrades like tracking patient testing/demands, medical data insights and optimizing useful resources.

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Optimizing Manufacturing through Power BI

For automating and publishing paginated reports, sort important reports, production analysis, trend data and more contact Power BI consultants now.

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Request demo icon Use Case - Manufacturing

Empower your manufacturing decisions with data lake

Why you Need Power BI Consulting Services?

Power BI Consulting transforms your organization in multiple ways that can only generate positive development in the business operations

  •  Adopt and put Microsoft BI technology into practice.
  •  Make the most of the Power BI platform's customization options.
  •  Maintain data infrastructure and include all data sources.
  •  Quality create value for your organization through data analysis and visualization.

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Sunflower Lab’s Expertise in Power BI is larger than you imagine

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Your business can prosper with the support of Power BI consulting. It can be used for many things, including data analysis, reporting, and teamwork. Improving cooperation is one of the most productive uses for Power BI. You can develop better insights and come to better judgements by sharing data among several teams. Additionally, industry specific Power BI solutions are numerous.

Users can access data from a variety of sources thanks to Power BI’s integration with both Microsoft and non-Microsoft platforms. You can integrate Power BI with a number of well-known Microsoft products, including Exchange, Office 365, Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Excel, Cortana, and Teams. So, don’t think further and contact Power BI consultants at Sunflower Lab.

Our Power BI Experts have great experience technically and practically have worked with many leading brands from various industries to develop data visualizations and Power BI platform which gives them knowledge over your business no matter which sector, saving time to understand your needs. Also, we take pride in our formidable ratings provided by clients.

The process starts with defining your needs and objectives, then preparing the data for transformation, moving on to technical implementations, evaluating results, user training and finally maintaining the support with constant support through cloud services.

From Ideation To Support, We Partner With You All The Way

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