You’ve seen the smiley faces of real estate agents plastered across benches since you were but a young ad consumer. They’ve got the fancy suit, pithy slogan, and confident pose, but do they have the stats to back it up? 

The fact of the matter is agents are closing more deals with custom mobile applications. These software solutions improve communication, productivity, and efficiency in the real estate industry with key app components. Assuming you’ve already made the [right] decision to build your own custom mobile app with the help of Sunflower Labs, here are three essential features you’ll need to include in order to ensure the success of your app: 

Direct Communication

In order to keep your users engaged, you absolutely must include a communication capability in your real estate mobile app. Whether you prefer to connect with clients via direct calling, callback options, online chat, or a pleasant combination of them all, you’ve got to keep that hotline blinging to retain your leads. And if you team up with Sunflower Lab’s team of experience app developers, you’ll even get access to receipts from voice and messaging interactions and punctual prompts to follow up with interested clients.

Ah, Push It (Notifications)

With mobile apps, you’re competing with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—do you really think you can direct a user’s focus away from a juicy FB comments thread without push notifications? People want, nay, need to feel popular, so it’s important your app gives them some attention. Is there a new listing in their preferred neighborhood? Buzz. Did someone else make an offer on their dream home? Buzz, buzz. Have they been inactive for five or more days? Buzz, buzz, buzz. 

Social Media

Social media was the top tool cited by real estate pros as the best source for generating high-quality leads. At Sunflower, we can build your app with the functionality to easily post content from your app directly to your social media platforms. Heck, we’ll even throw in analytics on an easy-to-use dashboard to feed you reports of which platforms have the best ROI. You’re welcome.  


The Key

To get young people to put down their phones, you’d have to pry them out of their cold dead hands. And with roughly 81% of older millennials, 80% of the younger millennials and 78% of generation X home buyers finding their properties on mobile in 2018 according to the National Association of Realtors, it’s imperative for you to capture them where they are: apps. Sunflower Labs has what it takes to build you a beautifully-designed app with all the key features so that you can close more deals. So go on, get a free quote for your project today before it turns into a renter’s economy!

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