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WorthPoint Corporation is the largest online platform for researching, buying, selling, and preserving antiques and collectibles. Here the auction price for antiques is priced aptly adding value to the antiques and collectibles industry. WorthPoint has a steady inflow of quality information about antiques enabling a transparent deal for both buyers and sellers. Its historical pricing data has helped sellers demand a price that buyers find fair to pay. With access to 740 million historical prices and 1.3 billion images, WorthPoint is now set to set its foot in online applications for iOS and Android.


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Price Guide

A price guide was instrumental in looking for apt prices for both buyers and sellers. This could position the stakeholders to make smart choices and choose items from categories like advertising, ceramics, fine art, glass, natural history, tools, etc. With an insight into the price catalog of millions of antiques could find accurate pricing trends and make informed purchase/sales.


There was a dire need to identify the antiques’ authenticity based on makers’ marks, autographs, patterns, and symbols to identify items and delve into their details. This was instrumental in reinstating their authenticity and making out unique identifying marks.

Visual Search

If the users (buyers/sellers) do not quite have an insight into the details of the antiques/collectibles they are trying to explore it leads to gaps. Ideally, WorthPoint looked for a process where the products or related searches could be found by simply uploading an image of the item thereby empowering users to make buying decisions.


Every user should have a space where they can place their items/collectibles and make this space private/public based on their preferences. However, for this, the user must be logged in since guest user could only explore the items.

Dataset of Blogs/Articles

A detailed read is a must for any commercial platform where the users can go through what’s trending, popular items, events, articles, media, programs, and other detailed information. With its suite of features, WorthPoint application also should have a reading-compatible section where these informative articles could be positioned.

Optimize User Experience with Mobile Applications

WorthPoint was looking for a solution partner who could develop their mobile applications for a repository of their antiques. The applications were targeted to have an inventory of items, marks, and symbols for the buyers and sellers. If the buyer wanted to look for an antique that didn’t have a mark, there had to be a mode of identifying those antiques/collectibles on the application. As WorthPoint decided on a large scale-up, they needed to broaden their footprint and be present seamlessly. However, since there were users who didn’t prefer subscribing to the application, a lookup was an admirable way to view the details of items without actually becoming a member. With quick login features, the users must be able to simply log in and manage their profiles.

WorthPoint mobile application
WorthPoint iso

iOS and Android Applications to Enhance UX

WorthPoint chose to embark on an association with Sunflower Lab to develop its iOS and Android application with a unique interface. We developed features or key elements for users to skim through with price guide to unlock most comprehensive items in art, antiques and collectibles. The application gave liberty to the buyers and sellers to either subscribe or have a lookup of items without subscription. The users could have their vault which was an inventory of managing products they owned and make the space private or public. With prized possessions, the users could watch their items grow in value and capture memories that make the products unique. With WorthScore, users could track how their investments in the product grow over time.

A separate section was designed for blogs/articles, enabling a knowledgebase for users to gather more information on fresh, relevant content delivered by WorthPoint’s team of experts. With a presence on the mobile, WorthPoint was able to reach a wide user base while on the go and garner feedback to improve UX.

A Scalable App for Growing User Base

With the application, WorthPoint is now able to list 625 million sold-for prices spanning nearly two decades. A holistic dashboard peeks at a quick overview of what’s hot and latest on the application and keeps the users informed. Visual search has enabled users to upload images and look for similar products online. The application has a repository of 200,000+ makers’ marks, autographs, patterns, and symbols to identify the items and unravel their history, credibility and authenticity. Similar items can be grouped together and assigned tags across multiple collections. After logging in, the users can have their own vault with a WorthScore to track how the items’ value grows with time.

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