What is web app development, and how can it help me?

If you’ve ever wondered what web app development is, you’ve come to the right place. Web app development is the process of creating programs that reside on, and can be accessed using the internet. The word “app” is usually associated with mobile devices, but not in the case of web apps. The biggest difference between web apps and mobile apps is the latter requires you to download a product, while the former can be accessed using a browser. Gmail, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 are all commonly-used web apps. Now that you have a better understanding of web applications, let’s start identifying some way in which you could benefit from incorporating one into your business model. From saving time and money to improving communication, here are 11 benefits of web app development. 

More Cost Effective

Let’s start with the first thing on everyone’s mind: price. While it’s difficult to put a sticker price on web app development in general, it does tend to be more cost effective than building a mobile app. This is largely due to less time spent on development, as only one version of the app needs to be built to serve all operating systems. So, if you’re on a budget but still want to implement a custom software into your business, web app development could be your best bet.

11 Benefits of Mobile App Development

Platform Inclusivity

Speaking of operating systems, that is another standout benefit of web applications. Since there is one product and one product only, users can access your platform without worrying about whether their operating system is up-to-date or even compatible. Your single-platform web-based product is easier to develop and easier to use—the ticket to quick success! The platform-friendly nature of web apps also lends itself to easy installation during the delivery process, too.

Easy to Maintain

When it comes to updates, mobile apps put the burden on the user. In order for the mobile app to run properly—or in some cases, at all—customers are required to update it in their software provider’s app store. Web app development products, on the other hand, are hosted on the web. From a user perspective, that means the application will update all on its own. The less you need to pester your users with system updates, the better.

Web App Development Offers Better Discovery on Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving the odds of your business appearing in search engine results. Because web apps live on—you guessed it—the web, customers are more likely to find your product using Google. For example, if you build a photo editing web app and you optimize your site, your users could find you if they search for terms like, “photo editing,” or “edit photos online.” And with over 3.5 billion Google searches per day, we think that’s a pretty great opportunity to be discovered!

Improved Organization

Up until this point, we’ve discussed the user-facing benefits of web app development. However, there are a bevy of benefits to creating an internal product to manage business. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) web applications help businesses better organize and access customer data. These tools are extremely helpful in staying connected with current customers and discovering new business opportunities in one customized catalog. Brivity managed to streamline their real estate process using a CRM web app development, while BriskHeat is managing tasks more efficiently with their custom product.

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Improve Communication with Web App Development

Miscommunication can lead to catastrophic failure—take IHOP’s infamous “IHOB” debacle for example. Okay, that may have been a PR stunt, but we stand by our claim. Keep your team informed using a custom web app. A CRM can help your employees communicate internally. Your web app can also be the place where you publish company updates. Information exchange is key in keep your business machine well oiled!

Web app developments also help your business better communicate with the outside world. By taking your business to the web, you greatly improve your visibility to current clients and potential customers. With more and more business moving online, you want to offer users a great experience—an experience that transcends a traditional website. The features and functionalities offered in web app development will offer customers a unique experience that’ll keep them coming back again and again.


There are pros and cons of buying off-the-shelf software packages as well as developing specialized software from a reliable custom web app development company. In the case of “out of the box” solutions, you don’t have to spend time with the development team to design your software. However, such applications are generic in terms of end user requirements, and may offer certain features which may not exactly fit your unique business needs. So, even after spending money, you might still have to struggle with certain aspects of business automation as some features might not be available in your ready made software.

Not only that, but ready-made solutions are very basic in terms of their appearance. Custom solutions help to support your unique identity in the market. Since the software is totally customized, you have the option to decide what kind of framework you want used to design your app. You have the power to push the boundaries of your brand with the latest trend-setting technologies, and implement your color palette, theme, fonts, aesthetic, and logos! Who knows, maybe you even want to offer an augmented reality experience. The sky’s the limit with web app development services!

Keep Your Business Open 24/7 With Web App Development Services

People are doing business everywhere these days. And the traditional 9am-5pm business hours? That is so last decade. Failing to adjust to the changing commerce environment can pinch off potential patrons, and lose you money—yikes! Keep your metaphorical lights on 24/7 with web app development services. Customers can browse your business from the comfort of their home, or between PTA meetings and swim lessons. What’s more, web applications are easily accessible from almost any device or browser! People are busier than ever. Stop limiting access to your company, and start using web app development services. And for truly around-the-clock care, consider giving your audience a chatbot customer service experience!


A major concern for many B2B and B2C companies is data access and security and how it affects end users. Businesses want to offer a safe online environment for their consumers to make transactions and enter information. Web app development services can address all these concerns and more. Not only are they built with the most robust security systems, but web app development services also include a team of security professionals to monitor your web app. These pros can prepare your system for a natural disaster, proactively eliminate data breaches, and keep you online 24/7.


Whether you are a small business with hopes of adding a new location, or a large conglomerate looking to downsize, web app development services will be right by your side. The beauty of these products is that they are fully scalable. Think of the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” but with software! With the help of trained technologists, your services can shrink and expand based on your business plan.

Organizational processes change with time, and as the market dynamics change, it becomes necessary to adapt to new processes and technologies to maintain your marketing stronghold. Customized software can be easily changed—new processes and technologies can be integrated into your existing software as and when marketing trends change. Crush your goals and stay ahead of competitors with web app development services.

User Tracking/Analytics

Adopting a data-driven approach to business is the only way to measure true success. With a web app development, you can have robust analytics built right in. You can customize your dashboards to quickly see how different metrics are performing. These numbers can help you learn about past business initiatives and plan for future engagements. Regain control of your business using analytics in web app developments.

Benefiting From Web App Development

Making the decision to incorporate a web app development into your business model puts you in a position to succeed on many levels. From improving internal functionality to increasing outward visibility with your customers, web apps can be majorly impactful. But in order to optimize the opportunity, you must choose the right partner. The right web app development company will be by your side every step of the way through superior customer service, highly trained and experienced technologists, and exceptional products. Sunflower Lab has been trusted by hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurs across the world to deliver custom solutions to their unique problems. We have mastered the development life cycle, and have a customer satisfaction rate of 97%. Let us turn your app dream into a reality today!

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