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High Quality Performance with Data-driven Business Intelligence

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Let Sunflower Lab become a part of your Business Optimization journey. Our Power BI ERP Developers work closely to help you achieve your objectives, provide support and maintenance in order to enhance customer response, scale all operations, and achieve smooth business management.

High Quality Performance with Data-driven Business Intelligence

Let Sunflower Lab become a part of your Business Optimization journey. Our Power BI ERP Developers work closely to help you achieve your objectives, provide support and maintenance in order to enhance customer response, scale all operations, and achieve smooth business management.


With Databricks now acknowledging Sunflower Lab as a recognized consulting partner, the company has accomplished a major milestone. Use the Databricks data and AI service through Microsoft Azure, to consolidate all of your analytics and AI workloads and store all of your data on an intuitive open lakehouse. Also utilize specialized connectors to seamlessly integrate into Azure data stores and services for quick data access and easier administration throughout your environment. This involves managing environments, setting up security restrictions, and processing all of your Azure data.

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3 All-Rounder Power BI ERP Solutions for your Business Needs

We present these three perfect solutions designed by Microsoft to centralize your data and generate reports accessible from any location. These solutions with Power BI ERP integration are perfectly suited for informed decision-making, ensuring your ability to make impactful choices round the clock without the concern of the time of the day or your location.


Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop is a free application installed on your local computer that enables us to connect, transform, and visualize your data with AI-enabled skills. With this, you can create engaging visuals and assemble them into comprehensive reports, sharable within your organization. The tool offers three key views Report for Visualizations, Data for Data Exploration, and Model for Relationship Management.


Power BI Service

Power BI Service is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) platform, that enables team and organizational collaboration in report editing. It supports data source connectivity but has restricted modeling capabilities. It performs tasks such as dashboard creation, app sharing, data analysis, and discovering business insights.


Power BI Mobile

Power BI Mobile offers convenient access to both on-premises and cloud data, enabling real-time insights from anywhere. It promotes fast report creation through Power BI Desktop, while it provides dynamic dashboards, collaborative features, and secure data access. Integrate Power BI Mobile to easily access and manage Power BI reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, and on-premises content.

Power BI ERP Development Services

Leverage our Power BI ERP consultancy services to enhance your business workflows with Data Visualization, Integration of Microsoft Suite, in addition to 3 complementary solutions of Microsoft.

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Power BI ERP Consultancy Service

Our expert Power BI ERP consultants guide you in leveraging Power BI for your ERP needs, providing solutions that fit with your business needs.

ETL solutions

With ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) data pipeline integration into your Power BI ERP, we ensure that your analytical reports and data are up to date.

Power Automate (Flow) Integration

Data Visualization

Make business management easy by turning your boring data into interactive ERP dashboards using multiple data visualization options and adding charts, tables, diagrams, maps, etc.

Integration of Microsoft Suite in Power BI ERP

We integrate Microsoft Suite tools within your Power BI ERP ecosystem, enhancing collaboration and efficiency across your organization.

Data visualization

Data processing

Do not miss any data with Power BI ERP solutions. Add dynamic visual toolkits which will make your data readable using different formats.

Development and Support

Our Power BI ERP developers create custom solutions tailored to your business requirements, with ongoing support to ensure optimal performance.

Integration of Power BI with ERP Systems

We specialize in connecting your ERP systems with the power of Power BI, so you can make the most of your business data. Here are some of the ERP systems we work with:

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our experts seamlessly integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 with Power BI, allowing you to create effective reports and insightful dashboards for better decision-making.

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We offer hassle-free integration between SAP ERP and Power BI, helping you generate meaningful reports and gain deeper insights from your SAP data.

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Oracle ERP Cloud

Connect your Oracle ERP Cloud instances with Power BI effortlessly. This connection allows you to analyze data comprehensively and visualize trends effectively.

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Combine the power of NetSuite ERP with Power BI to analyze financial and operational data. Our integration lets you create customized reports and dashboards tailored to your needs.

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IFS Applications

Our connectors bridge the gap between IFS Applications ERP system and Power BI. This integration enhances your data visualization capabilities, enabling you to understand your data better.

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Integrate Syspro's ERP solution with Power BI to understand insights from manufacturing and distribution data. Our service enables interactive visualizations for a clearer understanding of your data.

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Data Management Made Easy with Power BI ERP Solution

We made data management easy and simple for Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company by using Synapse Analytics to create a data pipeline to move data from on premise data server to data lake on schedule basis and then adopt that data in power BI dashboards. This Power BI ERP solution helped to easily access and manage data and make data-drive decisions.

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Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company, LLC

Industry-Specific Power Apps Use Case

Power BI’s robust data modeling engine is a powerhouse for data professionals. It empowers users to transform and shape data from various sources, including complex transformations, calculations, and aggregations. This data modeling capability transforms raw, heterogeneous data into a structured format, ready for in-depth analysis and visualization. It’s the backbone for turning data into actionable insights.


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Power BI has an exceptional user-friendly. Its intuitive drag-and-drop
functionality, coupled with guided step-by-step processes, ensures that even users with limited technical expertise can effortlessly create and share reports and dashboards.


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Power BI integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products like Excel and SharePoint, allowing seamless import and synchronization of data, making it simple for users to work with data from multiple sources within familiar Microsoft environments.


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Power BI provides an extensive selection of data visualization options. From basic bar charts to advanced custom visuals, users have the flexibility to create interactive dashboards, charts, and graphs that align precisely with their specific data presentation needs. This versatility empowers users to convey insights effectively.


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Power BI’s cloud-based architecture liberates users from geographical constraints. They can access their data and reports from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. This cloud accessibility ensures that insights are always at their fingertips, whether in the office or on the go.


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Collaboration is at the heart of Power BI. Its collaborative features enable multiple users to work concurrently on reports and dashboards, facilitating teamwork and knowledge sharing. Comments, annotations, and real-time updates ensure that insights are refined collectively.


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Amot - Sales OverView

Optimizing Manufacturing Operations through Power BI

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Instead of struggling with key business metrics like revenue, inventory, bookings, and backlog, AMOT a leading manufacturer of thermostatic control valves choose instead to empower their business. With the power of Power BI dashboards and real-time data, they now have the required visibility and control to make the best of every opportunity through informed decisions.

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Enhance your decision-making power just like Pacific Corrugated Pipe Company did with our Power BI consultancy and services.

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Retail Performance Analytics

Transform your raw sales and inventory data into actionable insights with this Retail Performance Analytics solution. Visualize sales trends, track inventory levels, and monitor the performance of your products in real-time dashboards. Identify which products are popular and which might need a boost with our Power BI ERP solutions.

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Retail Performance Analytics
Empower your manufacturing decisions with data lake

Production Efficiency Optimization

Request demo icon USE CASE - Manufacturing Industry

Revolutionize the way you manufacture and deliver products with a Production Efficiency Optimization Solution. Have a real-time view of your production line’s performance, from raw materials to finished goods. With our Power BI dashboards, you can make quick decisions and optimize resource allocation, monitor machine downtime, analyze the production cycle, reduce wastage, and more.

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Patient Care Optimization

By integrating ERP in Patient Care Optimization, you can improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency with data-driven solutions. Visualize patient data, track treatment plans, and monitor resource utilization in real-time dashboards. Identify patterns in patient health data and make informed decisions to optimize care plans.

Request demo icon USE CASE - Healthcare

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Improve patient outcomes, optimize resources and increase compliance with data lake solution

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Industries with possible Power BI ERP Integration

Who doesn’t like to make data-driven and informed decisions? With our Power BI + ERP solutions and services, we help businesses achieve efficiency using personalized dashboards. Power BI dashboards provide a versatile solution that caters to the unique needs of each and every industry.

  • Automotives
  • Life Sciences
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Food & Beverage Industry
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Chemical Industries
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • High-Tech Manufacturing

Leverage Power Business Intelligence
to streamline your ERP System

The combination of these two powerful tools – Power BI and ERP can help businesses achieve data-driven insights to enhance decision-making processes and operational efficiency.

Increased Productivity 

Access to Real-Time Information

Power BI integration with ERP systems enables real-time data access and analysis, allowing new data to be generated or updated within your ERP system and being visualized and analyzed instantly in Power BI dashboards.

Cost and Time Saving 

Cost Effective and Affordable

Compared to traditional business intelligence tools, Power BI tends to be more affordable both in terms of licensing costs and implementation.

Greater Accuracy

Dashboard Personalization

Businesses can customize the way data is displayed, organized, and interacted with, based on their preferences and needs. This improves the user engagement as users can focus on the specific metrics and visuals according to their requirements.

Streamlined Workflow 

Artificial Intelligence Integration

Artificial Intelligence integration into Power BI ERP allows predictive analytics, anomaly detection, NLP, and more. AI-powered insights can help businesses identify trends, make forecasts, and uncover hidden patterns within their ERP data, leading to better decision-making and strategic planning.

Return On Investment 

Multiple Dashboard Deployment

Power BI ERP allows to create and deploy multiple dashboards within the organization, enabling visual representations of your ERP data, presenting key insights and metrics in an easy-to-understand format.


Monthly Updates

Power BI is actively developed and maintained by Microsoft, which means that the platform receives regular updates and improvements.

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Transform the way you analyze and visualize your ERP data with Power BI ERP solutions

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Power BI is a robust business intelligence platform that empowers organizations to visualize and analyze data, enabling data-driven decision-making. It seamlessly integrates with ERP systems, enhancing their capabilities by providing dynamic visualizations and insights that drive efficiency and growth.

Integrating Power BI with your ERP system enhances its functionality by transforming raw data into interactive visualizations. This enables you to gain deeper insights, spot trends, and make informed decisions quickly. With real-time reporting and customizable dashboards, Power BI augments your ERP system’s capabilities and allows you to achieve full potential of your data.

Integrating Power BI and ERP offers numerous benefits. You can leverage Power BI’s advanced analytics and reporting features to create dynamic dashboards that provide a comprehensive view of your business operations. This integration enables you to identify opportunities, streamline processes, and improve overall efficiency.

Security is a top priority, and Power BI offers robust security features. You can control data access through role-based permissions, ensuring that sensitive information is only available to authorized personnel. Additionally, Power BI offers encryption, data masking, and compliance certifications to safeguard your data. By working with experienced Power BI ERP service providers, you can implement best practices for data security and ensure a safe and protected environment for your information.

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