While tech startups are building software for their clients, they’re also using software internally for tasks like user management, productivity, task management, project management etc.

These tech shops create products for their end-users, but they don’t build software for their own use. You’ll ask why? Few reasons why tech startups don’t build their own software are:

Why don’t they build their own software?

1. Busy building for others

Since startups are always be busy developing software for their clients, it leaves them with little or no time to build software for their internal use. This is a classic, ‘the cobbler’s kids have no shoes’ situation. BUT the innovative ones find ways to build their tools and save cost by partnering with us.

2. They don’t have the chops – technologically speaking

It’s often the case that the existing team is highly-specialized. That’s why they’ll look for external help when building on new domains.

For example, if they’re only building Android based products, they’ll have Java experience. But they may not have experience with Swift & Objective-C which is used to develop iOS apps

3. Low or no Return on Investment (ROI)

For startups, or a matter of fact, for any organization, Return on Investment or ROI is a very important factor considered while investing in a project. So, a startup building its own software for internal use might think that there will be negligible or no ROI. Since the software will not be sold, but used internally, it might not be feasible or cost effective to invest time, budget and resources in developing such a software.

4. Support & maintenance of the software

Any software normally needs support & maintenance, and regular upgrades. This means you’ll be allocating some of your resources for constant upgrades, support & maintenance of these applications. This results in scarcity of resources for your clients’ projects, which will prove less cost-effective during the initial phases of a startup. So, the most feasible option for you is – either you buy the software or partner with us.

When you partner with us, all your needs viz. upgrades, support & maintenance, etc. will be taken care of by us. This relieves you from constant worries about the application and you can focus on expansion and revenue generation.

5. Revenue generation & Goodwill

Any startup would want to establish itself as an organization in the near future. To do this, its founders will focus on increasing business, generating more revenue, and creating their goodwill in the market by building quality software for other companies. This means more resources will have to be allocated to client projects instead of building one’s own software for internal use.

But, do all readymade software available in the market work as per the expectations or requirement? The answer is no. So, what can such startups or organizations do?

The answer to all these queries lies with us at The Sunflower Lab. While you’re busy building software for your clients, we can help you develop custom software that can meet your requirements and expectations. Our engineers at Sunflower Lab have expertise in various technologies and we have worked with all kinds of organizations small and large, and have built various types of custom software. Our range of clients includes companies from sectors like finance, healthcare, insurance, local governments, educational institutions, electronics manufacturers, logistics & transportation, packaging and various others.

We guide our clients right from the discovery phase to design and development of the software. Our designs are futuristic and simplistic that can help the end-users in using the software without giving in too much thought. We also offer support & maintenance services to keep your software bug free & update it with latest technologies whenever required.

Are you too busy to build software for your internal requirements? Contact us and our experts will help you build your custom software as per your requirements.

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