Most Innovative Custom App Development Company, Ohio, 2021

Sunflower Lab Named Most Innovative App Development Company in Ohio, 2021

Sunflower Lab Named Most Innovative App Development Company, Ohio, 2021Sunflower Lab is proud to announce we have been named Most…

design thinking

What is Design Thinking?

What is Design Thinking? Design Thinking is a process in which one attempts to transcend an initial level of understanding to…

Apps For Fast Food

AR Apps for Fast Food are Revolutionizing the Restaurant Industry

Imagine being able to see virtual 3D menu items on your table before you even order. Goodbye order envy, hello augmented…

3 World-Saving Apps Built for College Students

  With most students eager to get back to their normal routine, we thought we’d take a moment to recognize some…

How ChatBots Are Helping Crush Competition in the Customer Service Sector

Let’s be honest: robots are one day going to overthrow humans. Seriously, they don’t even think we’re capable of menial tasks…

3 Ways Alexa Skills Can Save Money for Local Government (Plus One Bonus Benefit)

With so much to do in so little time, local governments typically don’t prioritize the optimization of its office. Your work…

Sunflower Lab Transforms Companies Through Digital Solutions

How Ronak Patel, CEO of Sunflower Lab Transforms Companies Through Digital Solutions [Podcast]

I recently chatted with Eric Dye on Enterprise Radio, presented by the Enterprise Podcast Network, about how Sunflower Lab, a…

top web development service providers

Helping Clients In Solving Their Highly Difficult Technology Problems Endows Sunflower Lab to Burgeon at GoodFirms

Creating products that help the companies to transform their businesses facilitates Sunflower Lab to stand in the frontline at…

Building Innovative Digital Products

A Sharks Perspective – #124 – Building Innovative Digital Products to Solve Problems

Ronak Patel, CEO of Sunflower Lab began his career as a software engineer after graduating in 2001. He was passionate about…

California IoT Law

What is California IoT Law or SB 327?

Do you know what is SB 327 or California IoT law? Well, SB 327 is a bill signed by California’s Governor Jerry Brown which is a…

Xamarin Or Native App Development

Xamarin or Native App Development – Which One Should You Choose?

What is Xamarin Xamarin was a software company founded in 2011. In 2016, Xamarin was acquired by Microsoft. Xamarin provides the…

How IoT will change the Retail Sector

How Internet of Things (IoT) will change the Retail Sector

The current state of the Retail Sector The retail sector is currently driven by anticipation that consumers will spend…

Asset Tracking in Smart connected operations

Asset Tracking in Smart Connected Operations

Asset tracking is when you manage and keep a track of your company’s physical assets and its information either by scanning…

Design Thinking

Design Thinking and Mobile App Development

What is design thinking? Design thinking is a method used by designers in ideation as well as mobile app development. It is…

Benefits Of Industrial Automation

What Are The Benefits Of Industrial Automation?

It is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers to adopt industrial automation and smart manufacturing capabilities to…

predictive analytics

Why Is Predictive Analytics Important In Smart Manufacturing?

Predictive analytics, an integral part of the smart manufacturing process, helps manufacturers to reduce manufacturing downtime…


Why And When To Choose Microservices Over Monolithic Application Architecture

Understand the pros and cons of monolithic and microservices architectures and when they should be used – Why…

Questions To Ask Before Starting An IoT Project

Questions to ask while planning your Internet of Things transformation process – Tips how to build your IoT project and…


How To Chart An IoT Road Map?

What are the essential elements for designing an IoT strategy? What kind of capabilities do you need? What are the roadblocks…

How Can IoT Make Cities “Smart”?

How can Internet of Things technology and IoT powered devices help to reduce energy consumption levels and improve the…

lambda serverless computing

What Are The Benefits Of AWS Lambda Serverless Computing?

What is AWS Lambda? How it removes complexity of dealing with cloud based servers at all levels of technology stack, its…

industrial iot

5 Blockchain Use Cases for Industrial IoT Solutions

Blockchain technology is becoming a forerunner for industrial IoT solutions, providing answers to dilemmas from fully…

churn rate

6 Ways You Can Increase User Engagement And Reduce Churn Rate

Discover six ways how CEOs of SaaS companies can increase their user engagement levels and reduce the churn rate to grow their…


How Amazon Is Helping Developers Through Alexa Paid Subscriptions

Alexa Paid Subscriptions This year Amazon has made special focus on third party developers, the latest effort involving Alexa…

ab testing

Benefits Of A/B Testing

Benefits Of A/B Testing The fundamentals of A/B Testing will help direct more traffic to your company web page and increase the…

How IoT for Retail can Improve Customer Experience

The Store of the Future Despite the proliferation of e-commerce, brick and mortar stores will co

Industry 4.0

Industrial Cloud Computing and Cyber Security in Manufacturing

Industrial cloud computing is a leading technology trend behind Industrial IoT (IIoT), among others that propel manufacturers…

Industrial IOT

Creating Your Smart Factory: Manufacturing IoT

Currently, IoT is a leading industry in business technology and manufacturing is its top investor. Investments in manufacturing…

Internet Of Things

5 Ways Internet Of Things Can Change Business in 2017

The internet of things (IOT) is a new technology that helps you connect with anything, from small light bulb to your house…

AWS Lambda - Serverless Cloud

AWS Lambda – Serverless Cloud

What is Lambda Lambda is a compute service which lets you runs the code in a response to event without provisioning or managing…

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