Source Voting - Political social networking platform


Source voting is a political platform which connects electoral candidates to voters

A unique political social networking platform where candidates can upload their videos and connect with voters

Election time is when voters vote for electoral candidates for Senatorship or House of Representatives. At times it becomes confusing and tough for voters to decide which candidate to vote for. There was no platform for the electoral candidates to showcase their work to the voters. Thus, Source Voting team captured this opportunity and created the “Source Voting” platform. It is now easy for voters to search for their favourite candidates.

What all the candidates have to say, all in one place!

Candidates and voters can do so much with Source Voting

Source Voting is a unique platform which allows electoral candidates or their representatives to upload videos and showcase the activities they’re doing for their voters’ welfare. Voters can also enter their own address to see candidates running in their district. They can further watch videos uploaded by those candidates and stay informed on stances and opinions to make the best choice.

Easy to access, easy to use

Easy access to the information voters want and the way they want it

Research states that videos can make any content easier to grasp and understand. Source Voting is disrupting the campaign industry as the only real tech platform for advertising in an age where voters are looking for direct information in video format. Voters can enter their address to find the candidates running in their district. So when these candidates or their representatives upload their videos, voters can easily search and watch the videos of their favourite candidates and can decide which candidate to vote for.

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